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  • OMV on Proxmox

    ferchizzle - - General


    Quote from terencefaul: “Hi I am currently building a new Proxmox server and intend to move my OMV installation to this server. Currently I run the following plugins on OMV Coutchpotato NZBGet Transmission Sonarr My question is should I move these applications to LXC containers or keep them as part of my OMV3 install? Are there some benefits to running these application in their own containers? Regards ” @terencefaul wanted to check in and see if you have successfully installed OMV on Proxmox. a…

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “I can confirm this is a bug. There is no version being passed to the new migrate script and it fails. Should only affect installs on debian instead of using OMV iso. No problems upgrading to 3.0.60 after installing 3.0.59. Should be easy to fix. @votdev ” @ryecoaaron thank you for helping me out with this. as usual, I would be screwed without you! @Bill Cornish thank you for checking as well. Hope that @ryecoaaron 's fix worked for you as well as it worked for me

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “cp /usr/share/openmediavault/templates/config.xml /etc/openmediavault/ apt-get -f install ” @ryecoaaron as always, thank you for all of your help. here is the update after running "apt-get -f install" Source Code (23 lines)did i do something else wrong? can you please tell me if you need more info from me to figure this out?

  • Guide to install on Deb 8.x Jessie?

    ferchizzle - - General


    Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from ferchizzle: “Can you please tell me if this is something I should be concerned about or if it is a sign that I do not have something setup correctly? ” The openmediavault-keyring package that you install with the next line fixes that. ” Thank you @ryecoaaron

  • Hi! I am attempting to do a manual install of Erasmus on Debian Jessie following the instructions from @ryecoaaron on Guide to install on Deb 8.x Jessie? . My Debian install went fine with some custom partitions. However at the end of running "apt-get install openmediavault" I got the following error message: Source Code (12 lines)Can someone please tell me what I have done incorrectly and what can be done to address this error? Many thanks in advance!

  • Guide to install on Deb 8.x Jessie?

    ferchizzle - - General


    Quote from ryecoaaron: “I would not read that thread. OMV 3.x is ready depending on which plugins you use. If you already have jessie installed, then you just: Shell-Script (6 lines)” @ryecoaaron i installed Debian 8 with the partitions I wanted but after running "apt-get update" on the second line of your shell script i got the following error message: "W: GPG error: erasmus InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not availa…

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from ferchizzle: “Is a 25GB system partition large enough for a system with 64GB of RAM? Should it be larger? ” 64GB? Are you going to have virtual machines on it? I have OMV installed on smaller system partitions than 25GB. So, that should be fine. You may or may not want to have a swap partition. I wouldn't create separate partitions for the 150 and 350. Make it one big one and just create separate shared folders. ext4 is a good choice. ” @ryecoaaron you guessed i…

  • Install OMV with manual partitioning

    ferchizzle - - General


    Quote from ryecoaaron: “There is no way to do that with the OMV install ISO. Why not use the Debian installer then? There is not much difference. Create your partition/lv layout, pick minimal install, and installing OMV after that is very simple: Shell-Script (6 lines)” @ryecoaaron Thank you for all your contributions and am loving the OMV community and platform. I had a few quick questions regarding Debian Minimal install to have control over partitioning the disk. I have settled on using a 525…

  • @gderf thank you very much for your input! how do you fit all of your media on just 3x3TB WD Reds? Were your MP3s and MKVs highly compressed when you transcoded them? Or are you running some sort of compression on the disks?

  • @Plankton have you made any progress with moving the data base to a separate partition on the system disk?

  • @gderf Thank you very much for your response. Can you please tell me if "The Plex Database directory" stored in the path specified in the "Database Volume" or "Database Folder" on the Plex Media Server setup screen?

  • @Nibb31 @GreenBean thank you for your responses and my apologies for the ambiguity in my original post. When I setup Plex Media Server, it asks me to specify a "Database Volume" (Please see highlghted area in attached screenshot). Is it wrong to assume that the Plex Media Server wants me to specify a "Database Volume" that is not my SSD and wants me to specify some data pool? If so, how can I set the "Database Volume" to my SSD? Many thanks in advance! PS - I am setup my system disk w 2 SSDs in …

  • I was searching for the forum to find out what OMV user's experiences were like with the Plex Media Server (PMS) plugin and came across: Plex Media Server Database Best Practices? Is it possible to partition out a system disk on an SSD as demonstrated on either one of these posts: How to partition and use OMV system disk for user data [Howto] Store data on the boot disk And then point the Plex Media Server to the newly created partition as the new "Database Volume"? Won't mirroring the partition…

  • And yet again, many thanks @ryecoaaron

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from ferchizzle: “i have been trying to play around with 3.60 ” I wouldn't do that. There are some changes that need changes in the plugins. Quote from ferchizzle: “Can you please advise on what I should do next to install the ZFS plugin? ” [HOWTO] Instal ZFS-Plugin & use ZFS on OMV ” As always, thank you for all of your help @ryecoaaron !!! You are like a rock for this community. Going to follow the instructions in the ZFS link you sent over and will report back wh…

  • @vl1969 thank you for sharing your output from fdisk. this is what I got (FYI - I just upgraded to 64GB RAM) Disk /dev/sda: 111.8 GiB, 120034123776 bytes, 234441648 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes Disklabel type: dos Disk identifier: 0x36aad91d Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type /dev/sda1 * 2048 224860159 224858112 107.2G 83 Linux /dev/sda2 224862206 234440703 9578498 …

  • @ryecoaaron as always, thank you for all of your help. i have been trying to play around with 3.0.6 and omv-extras. When I tried to install the ZFS plugin I got an error message in the inserted screenshot. After that, I ran "apt-get dist-upgrade", the "Apt Clean" button, and "apt-get -f install". I have managed to install the backports kernel successfully. However, I still got the same error messages in the screenshot. Can you please advise on what I should do next to install the ZFS plugin? Man…

  • @Nibb31 thank you! if I install OMV 3, is there a way for me to see what size the partitions the OMV install created are?

  • I have been trying out OMV and FreeNAS for the past few months to test out which platform is most suitable for my home NAS use case and am opting for OMV. The support in this community is very good and almost everything I needed to learn can be found on these forums. And thank you @ryecoaaron for all of your help. I am going to go this route to install OMV 3.0 on my SSD (eventually w RAID 1): Install OMV with manual partitioning One thing I could not find an official consisten answer to is if I …

  • Thank you @ryecoaaron. Unmounting the job fixed the issue.