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  • Well as i've mentioned, for me the problem was solved installing omv with all HDD's present.

  • See mdadm: no arrays found in config file or automatically

  • Well i can't confirm that /sda/ is the culprit / problem.... just installed from USB (sdb) to SSD (sda) and ive got the same problem... Edit: Okay ive just installed the system with data HDD's present (not adviced in the docs )... works... os SSD was /dev/sde/ btw

  • Okay i admit i've been a bit lazy when posting this question: So for other people who might want to force a specific SMB version: protocol = SMB3 worked for me in the advanced SMB settings (i guess it just add to smb.conf) while: min protocol = SMB2 did not work for me

  • Default Samba version used by OMV 3.0

    schlupp - - CIFS/SMB


    Yesterday I've upgraded one of my machines to the Kernel 4.14 and noticed that the auto mounted folder (set in fstab) didn't work. Afaik support for SMB 1 was dropped in Linux Kernel 4.13. Which version does OMV use by default? And how could i force usage of >= v2? Thanks (Yeha i know i could use NFS share, but i have to share some stuff also for windows users)

  • With the version switch to 3.0, File systems will be mounted according to Filesystem Hierarchy Standard below /srv now.

  • SMBD saturates CPU

    schlupp - - CIFS/SMB


    Can confirm the same problems. After Migrating my system from OMV2 to a fresh system using OMV3 and rebooting for the first time, iam currently encountering constant 50% CPU usage of /usr/sbin/smbd -----EDIT----- Okay okay made a stupid mistake... I didn't decrypt all devices which are shared via SMB... After decrypting all devices and restarting SMB everything is normal... Seems like my machines trying to access an non existing SMB share (because still encrypted) pushed the CPU usage to that le…

  • Alright thanks for the advise :)

  • @tekkb Nope did not "create" all those files by myself my music library is like 150gb Just was curious if someone else is experiencing the same problems, because before the recent updates everything was working fine. It's not a big problem for me if music is not working anymore, was just curious

  • When adding my Music library (.mp3 , flac...), after a while Emby becomes unresponsive... and i have to restart the plugin and remove the Music library from Path.... without the Music folder, Emby runs perfect... anyone else having similar issues?

  • Hmm im currently using 3.1.74 after ive updated from 3.1.72 because after a while emby webclient stops being responsive

  • Seems like beta version has already been updated again: i used: Source Code (1 line)Seems like everything works now again... thx for the help !

  • Can confirm that Docker was running with default kernel 3.20 until update (since christmas for me...) and can also confirm that using backport kernel containers are working again. HP Mircoserv Gen8