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  • I did an uninstall and reinstall for the openmediavault-docker-gui via the "Erweiterungen" page in the omv-gui. Should be "Add-Ons" or similar. But that threw some errors for the openmediavault-docker-gui ("Bad Gateway"). Maybe you could try it as well. Uninstall Reinstall "service docker stop" make the change to the conf-file "systemctl daemon-reload" "service docker start" "docker container ls" (after giving some time to start the containers and if no errors accured) At least this is what I di…

  • For me the problem the mentioned change fixed the issue that the service did not start. So now the docker service is OK again. The openmediavaut-docker-gui is still having problems but all my containers are running again. Maybe you have the same problem? For me after changing the conf-file I had to run: service stop docker systemctl daemon-reload service start docker And to check if that helped docker container ls