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  • Hello, thank you for spending time helping me to solve my issue ! Until few days I'm not at home so I can't try what you advised me to, but as soon as I tried, I'll let you know the results. Thanks again !

  • Hi, my motherboard is an Asus C60M1-I, and my system HDD is a 80 Gb seagate. I must add that my OMV is installed over debian 6 and that I managed this system to work for several months without any problems of that kind. All I did to get these problems was to update OMV

  • Hello all, Today I tried to update from 0.4.16 to 0.4.28. It worked fine but after rebooting my NAS, the ps2 keyboard and the usb mouse did not work anymore. For the mouse, I've got to unplug/replug it in order for it to work but with the keyboard it do not work. But with an usb keyboard, it works like the mouse after unplugging/replugging it. Also, I had network problems after rebooting, but I managed to solve them manually. Do you know what possibly happened ? and how to solve this mouse/keybo…

  • Some logs not viewable

    its-my-right - - General


    Hello everyone, I have a new problem since few days: Some logs are not viewable from OMV's webui, for example, the autoshutdown one. When I try to access it, I just get an error message: Error An error has occured And the "details" button only says me: Internal Server Error Do you know what did cause that and how could I fix it ? thank you !

  • Re: HDD advanced power management

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    Ok thanks, I really need to correctly configure my disks power management settings because my situation is not acceptable. I did two tests separate by only 7h and watched the LCC thanks to smart, before and after: 2To seagate : +0 1To samsung: +58 60 Go seagate (on which is install debian + omv): +10 3To WD: +5 3To Seagate: +7 It does not seem really normal to me, especially the Samsung one ! So I rellay need to find a fix quickly before it dies

  • HDD advanced power management

    its-my-right - - General


    Hello everyone ! I built my NAS last week and I am still perfecting it's installation. Today I worry about the "advanced power management" of HDD availables. I read on the internet various thing, but my (maybe false) conclusion is that it is better to let all the disks on "Disabled" because other options could cause damages to disks. Is that right ? How did you set your advanced power management for HDD ? Also, what is the difference between the "1 - disabled" and "255 - disabled" settings ? Tha…

  • Re: iTunes/DAAP not working

    its-my-right - - Plugins


    Same here ! Can someone explain how to make daap works under omv 0.4 ? Thanks !

  • Re: Transmission Plugin

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    Please Help, exactly the same problem here (omv 0.4). Thanks !

  • Here is what sensors-detect answer me: Source Code (80 lines)

  • It's an Asus C60 m1-i with integrated cpu.

  • I installed Debian 6 on my Hard drive, and install openmediavault from it. Now it works like a charm with original ram and psu. I don't know at all what was missing in openmediavault that is not in debian and let me sleep/resume properly, but I'm so glad it works !

  • It happens that I'm running the latest bios update. I will try to install debian 6.0.6 on my system disk and test the pm-suspend option. If it works, I think it would definitely means that there is no more hardware problems.

  • I changed the memory sticks and now I get the suspend to successfully resume. (the original memory stick was in the QVL of the motherboard...) But... from time to time, when I resume: I've got nothin on screen (and nas no reechable via ip) or I get the error: version glibc_private not defined in file with link time reference Is there a way to repair that ? Thanks

  • I've tried 2 other psu and no changes at all. I can correctly resume from a suspend to disk (hibernate) but not from a suspend to ram (suspend with pm-suspend). I've tried pm-suspend with all the quirks I've found on the manpage but still no changes: no display, no network... I don't know at all what is causing that...

  • Ok thank you ! In fact my psu is a brand new Antec Neo eco 400c. So maybe it is not "bad" but it is the "eco" side doing this ? Will try tomorrow with the cooler master psu which allows windows 7 to suspend/resume for a long time on my Htpc and let you know. But what I don't get is why the resume from hibernate works well and not the resume from suspend, if it is my psu. Which step exactly in a classic suspend/resume cycle do you think is blocking on my conf ? Thank you

  • When resume after suspend I can't. But when I send magic packet when nas shutdown or in hibernate mode, it works, the nas wake up and I can reech it via ssh. Only the "suspend" mode does not resume correctly, and I would really like it to work because it is the faster to re-establish network connexion, etc after waking up...

  • Hello everybody, First I'd like to say I'm a big newbie about linux (first time I touch it), but I'm very willing to learn. Secondly: I am French, so excuse my English. I've got Openmediavault 0.4 installed on HDD. I was very interested in WOL combined to AutoShutdown. Let's just see the WOL part for now. I've managed to install pm-utils on my system through command lines and managed to modify (following tutorial on ubuntu doc) files in order to activate wake on lan every time on the network ada…