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  • Hello to forum members, thanks to everyone for your valuable input that was very helpful while browsing for solutions and tips/hints. First of all, please know that in this question/request for help, I chose to not use the openmediavault-letsencrypt 3.4.5 plugin as I do not want to leave port 80 open on my home DSL. I am a power user but not fully knowledgeable in SSL or Linux services, so your help is appreciated. I had found a great tip posted in forum by user jmorahan that act…

  • RPC service 'OpenVpn' not found.

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    Thanks mate, I didn't consider this obvious solution! Had the same problem on v4.1.2 and indeed, clearing cache fixes the error.

  • Hi @macom I agree with you, as I just got my Intel NUC model NUC6CAYH and testing /evaluating OMV as a home solution, I'm on a learning curve. Besides, an important feature (for me, at least) missing is Sensors module/plugin, hence yesterday I tried to re-do the whole exercise with v3 now that I don't have data stored yet. Thanks for your advice.

  • Hi everyone, I also would like to confirm that Safari (whether on iOS device or Mac computer) doesn't like something in the render or CSS or else, indeed the titles of the boxes with options do not show at all. I run the latest OMV 3.0.99 freshly installed yesterday. On Opera browser for Mac it works as expected.