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  • Organizr in front of OMV

    da_guy2 - - General


    Quote from ryecoaaron: “I have no idea if this will work but this is the code that the links plugin used. Put it in a file, make it executable, and execute it. Shell-Script (12 lines)” This worked for me too! Quick side question will these changes be sticky or will I need to run that script again on reboot/update? Thanks!

  • Did you have any luck? I'm getting the same problem.

  • Hey So I read the above pined post and it had lots of good information but I'm still unsure of what to go wit. Option seem to be: SSD: With the falling price of SSD's I can get a 120GB SSD for around $30-$40 Canadian. it won't be the best brand but it won't be a garbage no name direct from china brand either (i.e. ADATA or Kingston, maybe Crucial) Pro's: Big Fast Guaranteed trim support Cons: A little more expensive Uses a SATA port (though that's not a big deal for me right now) USB flash drive…

  • [HowTo] SnapRAID in OMV

    da_guy2 - - Plugins


    Quick question. Is there any way to automate daily sync beyond writing your own script and schedualing it with a cron job?