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  • Thank you @ryecoaaron I have uploaded your plugin and installed it. I've also cleared cache but I still have this issue: Source Code (14 lines) the file /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/openmediavault.conf is still the same as my post above. Should I revert it to what it was before? EDIT: it works now! 1) uninstall docker 2) refresh plugin page 3) install plugin 4) clear cache 5) re-configure docker base path 6) everything works!

  • Hello everyone, I am still having trouble after updating docker plugin. Right now I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin from the repo and modified the file: Source Code (7 lines) Did I do anything wrong? I have tried rebooting and clearing cache (and other browser). Here below the current messages I have when I try to activate Docker: Source Code (13 lines)Anybody has hints?

  • Solved!

    nick2k3 - - Plugins


    Hello everyone, I have found the problem. The filesystem that hosted the "Docker base path" was an NTFS one. Apparently Docker internal management of volumes requires an unix-like filesystem: I have tried with EXT4 and it works, I have then moved to btrfs and it works as well. I hope this will be useful to someone!

  • Good mornig everyone, I'm new on the forum but I have been using OMV for quite some months practicing with its many functions and I find it great! I am now trying to explore Docker in OMV in order to run Sonarr. So far I have followed the guide here . I have, in sequence: 1) installed Docker plugin 2) created a shared folder to store the "Docker base path":…b90f74907ce976062a8c9956f 3) enabled the plugin - the folder I have set is filled in with all the Docker fold…