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  • That's it! As soon as I set it to 'true' the Web-GUI worked. Thank you @clickwir .

  • I don't have any other browser installed. So no, IE and FF are the only browsers I tested. In the meantime I updated to OMV 2.1.2 (since I saw it existed in ryecoaaron's signature ), but the problem persists. I deactivated all add-ons in FF and tried starting it in safe-mode, but still all I see is white.

  • I just installed the links plugin, but I'm not sure what it is for Doesn't it create links inside of the Web-GUI ? How does it help accessing it? Could you explain this in a little more detail, please? However, I just created a link with the following settings: No preset selected, name "TEST" in group "TESTGROUP", entered the IP of my NAS as the URL and checked the media tab, but with no effect.

  • I did, but the result was the same. As mentioned earlier I cleared the Firefox cache several times, had several reboots, Adblock is deactivated for that IP, NoScript deactivated, Cookies are allowed, Firefox and all PlugIns have been updated. I found this thread of a similar problem and opened the console and got the following JavaScript exceptions: Quote: “ - TypeError: a is null - Die Zeichenkodierung eines Dokuments im Frame wurde nicht deklariert. Das Dokument kann unterschiedlich aussehen, …

  • Hi, I recently updated to v2.1.1 and since then I can't access the Web-GUI via Firefox. Firefox and all Plug-Ins are the latest version. Usually I see just a plain white page, occasionally (I can't figure out any rule, though) I see the login screen. But after putting in my credentials and trying to log in it's back to the blank white screen. I whitelisted the IP in every possibly restrictive Firefox-Plugin I use (AdBlock, NoScript etc., although it worked perfectly before with OMV v1.19). I tri…

  • it's armv7l. That would be great, thank you very much!

  • Thanks for the quick reply. It's good to know that it's not due to my incompetence (which is definitely existing ). I'll wait patiently then.

  • Hi there, I'm having a little trouble with the Mediabrowser-Plugin. I tested the server on my Windows-PC and liked the results. So I want to include it in my little Homeserver (a Banana Pro). Being an absolute beginner in terms of Linux I managed to get OMV, SMB-shares and miniDLNA to work. But no matter what I try, the MB-Plugin just won't work. The Plugin itself can be installed, but with errors: Source Code (62 lines) After that the Plugin is listed in Plugins, but everytime I try to activate…