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  • If by setting the static IP on the NAS, it is still happening. Please see the attached.…e27c91192dca005f313c30fe7

  • I had it set via my router, but went ahead and added it by creating an eth interface in OMV's GUI. I'll see if it happens again, and thanks for pointing that out. Is it problematic that when the interface is selected, "Identify" fails with: Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C; ethtool --identify 'eth0' 10 2>&1' with exit code '255': Cannot identify NIC: Operation not supported

  • please find my logs attached after the issue just resurfaced.…e27c91192dca005f313c30fe7

  • If my network has a hiccup of any sort where connectivity to the network is disrupted, the OMV NAS fails to get a new IP address. It is inaccessible via its local hostname or its static IP. In order to get it work, I have to hard power cycle the box, since I can't get to the Web GUI to perform a reboot. Also, my box is connected via a ethernet cable as opposed to wifi.

  • Plex Updating

    8BitKid - - Plugins


    I have Plex running fine, but it seems the repo version via OMV is lagging behind the standard version Plex has made available. OMV has Version The current non-Plex Pass version is The Plex Pass version is further along, but I know that isn't possible via a repo-based update and a manual installation triggers an nginx error. Two questions: 1) Do you plan on updating the version in the repo? 2) If I'd like to manually upload the Plex Pass version, is there a way to get ar…

  • Samba, RSYNC, and Mangled Filenames

    8BitKid - - CIFS/SMB


    I was wondering what the default setting is for "mangled filenames"? I did an RSYNC transfer, and noticed that it seemed mangled names were coming out, for example, "R.E.M." as a directory became "RP85G1~P." Is there a way around this?