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  • How to upgrade ?

    ryecoaaron - - Updates/Upgrades


    Upgrading doesn't cause you to lose settings or data BUT the upgrade from 2.x -> 3.x is difficult. If you do a fresh install, there is no way to keep your settings. You would have to re-setup the system. All four of your plugins should be moved to docker. While a cups and plex plugin exist on OMV 4.x, I don't recommend using them.

  • Quote from mipi: “I deinstalled omv-extras while i red a post here that recommended it ” omv-extras hasn't supported armel machines since OMV 2.x. I recommend upgrading your hardware.

  • The Class E Network

    ryecoaaron - - Off-Topic


    Quote from geaves: “Does Proxmox use Dynamic Ram Allocation? ” Yes. It has a feature called ballooning where you can set the min and max ram. Quote from flmaxey: “Since I'll be doing things that may not be recommended ( rm -rf / ), being able to clone a freshly built guest is a big deal in my book. (I mean, I might try rm -rf / a few times to see if there's a different result. ) It's good to know about the cloning restriction in the free ESXi version. I've been cloning VM's in Virtualbox, for a …

  • Quote from rantanplan: “Do you think it's a clue ? ” No. Both of those probably failed because your array isn't assembling.

  • Quote from flinkazoid: “Any advise on how to go about this process? Im 100% new to the Linux thing. ” Compiling a kernel is not something someone new to Linux wants to start doing. Quote from flinkazoid: “Its worth noting that I was running your image originally, but am now getting started on the debian level. ” The image is Debian built with Armbian scripts. Not sure what you mean. Quote from flinkazoid: “My other machine is an UBUNTU device. Is there any way to run OMV on UBUNTU? Its standard …

  • Your array still isn't assembling in time. Hard to say why. Look through boot logs to see if something is obvious. This is one of the reasons why I think most people shouldn't use raid.

  • Here is a method to update an existing cert: Get the UUID for an existing cert with: sudo omv-confdbadm read "conf.system.certificate.ssl" | jq -r '.[] | "\(.uuid) \(.comment)"' Once you have that, the following script should update it in the database. You will just need to adjust the four variables at the top of the script. Shell-Script (31 lines)

  • Quote from flinkazoid: “Basically this. I've done apt-get install hfsplus hfsutils hfsprogs and even cat /proc/filesystems. The HFSPLUS system is still unknown type. the /proc/filesystems does not list HFS/+ in it. Is there any way to get these FS to mount as I'd like to use it for an incremental TimeMachine backup. ” I would guess HFS isn't enabled in the kernel. grep ^CONFIG_HFS /boot/config-* will tell you if it is. If not, you would have to compile a new kernel to enable it.

  • Quote from Nefertiti: “ryecoaaron will be able to explain much better than me the pro and con between 32 and 64 version but also some 32 bits docker an run on it like my emby server. ” ayufan himself recommends the armhf image. There probably aren't a lot of arm64 (aarch64) dockers out there anyway. plex and emby are both armhf which arm64 is able to execcute. So, unless there is a specific 64 bit reason you need 64 bit, I would use the armhf image.

  • MemTest86, add to Grub?

    ryecoaaron - - General


    You can add the systemrescuecd iso to grub with omv-extras on the kernel tab and in systemrescuecd's menu, it has memtest.

  • Quote from rantanplan: “How can I check the raid area ? ” The array is clean. Maybe it isn't assembling fast enough during boot? Are these usb drives and/or is this an RPi? I would run omv-mkconf mdadm as root to see if it helps.

  • Your raid array isn't assembling correctly for some unknown reason. This why it stops at the maintenance prompt. If you don't fix your array, it will keep doing this.

  • Quote from R0vsvamp: “do u think it will work for me to just clone in to another ssd and then plug that in ? ” Nope. You already seem to have corruption and you would just clone the corruption to the new drive.

  • What is OMV installed on? The media seems like it is failing.

  • While df says the drive isn't full, I'm wondering if a file was deleted but still attached to a process and using disk space. I would reboot and try omv-aptclean again.

  • Quote from 1uke_: “For the external drive that I back up the image to - Will it erase the whole drive? Or does CloneZilla, just place the image on the drive with out destroying what is already on there? ” If you choose the device-to-image option, Clonezilla backs up to files. If you choose device-to-device, it will overwrite the drive.

  • Strange. What is the output of omv-aptclean

  • Quote from 1uke_: “Do I plug in the bootable usb drive in to my OpenMediaVault machine, attach a screen, keyboard, mouse and external drive and do the drive clone that way? ” This is the best way to go unless you can take the OS drive out of your OMV system and put it in a system booted to clonezilla.

  • Quote from mandrav: “Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? ” Looks like it is an old version of php-pam compiled against a previous version of the phpapi. I don't see a newer package. So, i guess you will have to wait unless you want to compile a new version. As for testing omv5, you won't "see" much since most of the changes are backend and none of the plugins are ported.