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  • Strange, I use the standard 2A barrel adapter, bought together with the C2 at Hardkernel. I have also the usb to barrel cable; will try that with other usb adapter.

  • Hi Tkaiser, Thanks for your prompt response. Cold booting the drives doesn't make a difference either. (checked this twice just now again) I have read this: Which energy efficient ARM platform to choose? and I tihnk I give the odroid a different purpose and go for the rock64 (or maybe the rockpro64)

  • Hi all, This is a first with OMV and I am very pleased with the speed and ease of OMV on my Odroid C2. One thing though it doesn't recognise my USB ssd drive nor my USB flash stick. At the console I have done ""dmesg"; except from the emmc nothing is shown. Any help or advise is appreciated . Edit: I did "lsusb -t" and got this: Source Code (3 lines)With and without devices plugged in. Tried it with: 1. No name Chinese USB 2.0 serial ATA adapter with a Kingston 60 Gb SSD (ext4 formatted) 2. ADAT…