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  • Hi everyone, I'm running OMV 3.0.99 with lots of plugins. Some time ago I've checked that my server lags with syncthing instance so I've removed it. Recently I've upgraded my HW and gave it another try, but without any success, the syncthing instance web ui doesn't open, and eats all cpu. I can provide any logs or reinstall the plugin, just need it to work again. Check the screenshot,…2376bedc4e42b3ab978a79347

  • Virtualbox no RDP-Connection possible

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    Quote from c64emu: “removing VNC: ” Thanks mate, it worked with virtualbox 5.1.26 and the outdated 5.0.5 phpvirtualbox, RDP is so much better.

  • Pi-Hole - Network wide Ad blocking

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    I have 2 OMV servers, one is on PcDuino 3 Nano (ARM CPU + 1 SATA) and one X86 with 7 HDDs, it's noisy and I don't need it all the time. So no docker on pcduino etc, but no noise also.

  • Pi-Hole - Network wide Ad blocking

    tornadox - - Plugins


    Quote from badda: “the only thing I had to do afterwards is to configure a different port for lighttpd and restart it: ” Thanks mate, it worked on my PcDuino 3 Nano altogether with OMV 3.0!

  • I've tried to comment out…4f34f044b9ad0cb56072e00e8 the file omv-pm-standby, but it still doesn't suspend it tries to write to swap. Something here is really buggy. Probably will create a ticket.

  • anu suggestions? Standby is much faster than poweron and off.

  • Hi everyone, I have an OMV setup with no swap. The system is on a SSD driver with 4gb of ram and swapspace installed. When I use the Standby option from the UI nothing happens. I see this in dmesg [24893.612738] [drm] ib test on ring 5 succeeded [24893.671651] PM: thaw of devices complete after 684.496 msecs [24893.672037] PM: writing image. [24893.672040] PM: Cannot find swap device, try swapon -a. [24893.672091] PM: Cannot get swap writer [24893.824454] PM: Basic memory bitmaps freed [24893.82…

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from tornadox: “ is a good option if you intend to use sata instead of poor USB 2.0 speeds. ” No, it's not since Allwinner A20 SATA is slow SATA:…findComment&comment=34192 And especially in OMV context NAS performance of A20 devices like pcDuino or Banana Pi is more or less at the same level as those USB2/UAS equipped boards since A20's Gigabit Ethernet implementation is also limited and you end up …

  • u-boot update has broken things, just revert to previous u-boot, it fixed the issue.

  • is a good option if you intend to use sata instead of poor USB 2.0 speeds.

  • Got the same issue after last update to ARMBian 5.36 and OMV 3.0.92, any solutions so far? I'm running my setup on PCDuino3Nano

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “I've never had an issue with the flashmemory plugin causing this. Does removing the plugin fix your problem? ” It was just an assumption, anyway I've scrapped the A10 board for several reasons and moved to PCDuino3Nano. The problem does not appear there, however it sometimes appears on my main OMV x86 server with the system installed to an SSD drive. not sure what causes the issue, but it appeared only once. I suppose it can be caused by OMV running from a slow storage dr…

  • Quote from molnart: “I suspect it's virtualbox causing the issue in my case, as it was plugin i installed in the previous run as well. ” in my case it seems to be related to flashmemory plugin which is installed by default on ARM systems afaik. This makes OMV unusable at all, I can't save settings, nor install packages via UI

  • Fresh install of ArmBian -> Update packages -> Install OMV Shell-Script (13 lines)Board is an ARM Alwinner A10, installed on a microSD card. Reinstalled several times, this happens all the time. OMV 3.0.89

  • I use Apple Filling for MacOS backups, PLEX, SMB shares, DLNA, Syncthing, virtualbox, but I think those can be run in containers Autoshutdown is quite important, I like how the NAS shuts down if there is no activity

  • I'm looking at an option to reinstall to OMV 3, do you know a good guide to save all settings?

  • 2.2.14 (Stone burner) Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 8gb RAM, 2x2Tb + 2x4Tb + 0.5Tb + 64Gb SSD (system) I've made a backup and tried to upgrade to OMV 3, but it didn't work. I would make a reinstall to OMV 3, but with saving all of the data of the plugins. Can't find a good guide.

  • Here's part of history, none of this helped. Source Code (25 lines)I've tried various solution, but still none helps. This is from a successful login (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Wolf2000: “Hi omv-firstaid See point 3 ” nope, did all of the omv-firstaid options, only one browser can open webgui(in private mode it also doesn't work), all others show communication failure,

  • Still doesn't help, here is what happens when I run omv-engined -d -f Source Code (5 lines)seems like password isn't sent to webgui