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  • I'll answer my own question - I'm a beginner and it took me a bit to figure this simple thing out. Once you setup 1 configuration...the rest start getting easier and easier Ensure you installed the full netdata suite with all the plugins - if you didn't, you may need to manually copy in the plugins (I believe it would go in /usr/libexec/netdata/python.d/ Edit /etc/netdata/python.d/mysql.conf and add a new entry at the bottom. mysql_docker: name : 'docker' user : 'youruser' pass : '…

  • Hi, I've installed netdata and it has properly detected all my docker containers and shows cpu/ram, etc of each container. A few of my containers run services such as apache, mysql, python. I was wondering how I configure netdata to show more details about those specific details about services running inside the container like it does when the services are running on the host machine. The one I'm most interested about is mysql - queries, handlers and locks Thanks!