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  • Sure, I have several times tried to installed the Docker plugin, both via the web gui and console. Fails in all cases. So Docker is unfortunately not an alternative.

  • Thanks, I know. But it fails to install. As several users have reported.

  • Hi, I have looked a bit more into why I cant install Plex on OMV v. (Arrakis).. Plex has been downloaded with wget directly from Plex.. wget….5271-200287a06_amd64.deb Installation is started with "sudo dpkg -i ./plexmediaserver_1.13.4.5271-200287a06_amd64.deb" but fails with the error: Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /lib/systemd/system/plexmediaserver.service. Job for plexmediaserver.service failed be…

  • I got the same error, also cant install the Plex.

  • OK, I think i got it now. I tried to create a new file systems with xfs, ext3, ext4 but with no success. Tried wipe the drives ahead and recreate them, but with no success. But when removing the partition and create a new Linux partition via fdisk, and there after create a new file system it work. So fdisk did the trick for my, and I have by disks back - just have to restore the data now.

  • I got the same as Lambik, I cant create a new file system. I can select Create and the fill out Device, Label and File system. It completes without errors, but file system is not showing up. Thou the file system for the USB key from the OMV runs is listed.. omv-update has been updated, version 4.1.6 By the way, this on a fresh OMV installation - not an upgrade from v3.

  • I got the same issue. The file systems are listed, but status is set to Missing. I can manually mount the 4 external drives. I cant delete the Devices from the list - there are all greyed out. I can Create new devices, but that will surely require a full wipe of my data..

  • FTP fails on 3.0.89

    KVL - - FTP


    Hello there, I am the happy user of the OMV, currently running version 3.0.89. HTTP, FTP, VirtualBox, Subsonic, Plex and SSL are running, and have been working without issue. Box was last restarted a month ago. No firewall rules specified on OMV. But this morning I had to connect via FTP and it failed, which hasnt been an issue before. FTP is set to run in passive mode and with a masqurade address specified. SSL/TLS with LetsEncrypt is enabled, as well "Clients to use FTP over TLS". Required por…

  • I think I just found an old thread describing the thing. What is the difference between Privileges and ACL?

  • Hi, I am a new user to the OMV, and am excited about the software. So much that I sold my QNAP TS251 straight ahead. I like that it is a Linux machine which I can dig into, and not just some nice closed box. So far I have only found very little bugs (newest 3.x release), will I will try to report at some other time. I can feel the configuration of services and access is rather different than used to, but its OK. I will learn But there is some basic in the security which I am missing - maybe some…