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  • Ich habe OMV via USB stick, den ich mit win32diskimager gemacht habe installiert. Meine boot reinfolge zum Installieren war [UEFI USB - UEFI Disk - USB - Disk - Net] soweit ich mich recht erinnere evntl wird die SSD von dem installer/BIOS nicht erkannt und es wird versucht, auf deinem USB stick zu intallieren? Wird deine SSD im BIOS angezeigt? Hast du unterschiedliche SATA-Ports ausprobiert?

  • Sehr komisch. ich habe das gleiche board mit dem gleichen Prozessor und es funktioniert einwandfrei. Setze dein BIOS auf UEFI+Legacy und probiere es dann mal. wenn du von nem USB stick booten willst solltest du USB 2 port nehmen.

  • Some errors after upgrade

    vln0x - - Updates/Upgrades


    Quote from lulu99: “2526 root 20 0 43148 3268 2684 R 11.8 0.1 0:00.04 top ” this is top, somewhat like taskmgr in windows. Does it always need ~11% or does it just spike? What CPU do you have? greetings

  • Quote from sbocquet: “Once you have compiled all the stuff, and "make deb" in both the SPL and ZFS dir, you will have some *-dkms.deb package to install (spl-dkms_0.7.9-1_amd64.deb and zfs-dkms_0.7.9-1_amd64.deb like the normal install from repository). At the moment, I can't find the new zfsutils-linux package... The only thing is that ZFS 0.7.6 don't work with kernel 4.16 and ZFS 0.7.9 don't work with kernel 4.14... so what to upgrade first ??? Kernel you loose your pool (temporary?), ZFS you …

  • Quote from geramath: “zfs 0.7.9 est dispo ici mais je sais pas appliquer le patch ” i am well aware of this patch. It is however, as i mentioned, not in the debian repository.

  • WARNING: Do NOT ubgrade to Kernel 4.16 if you use ZFS

  • Hello The current ZFS version provided by openmediavault-zfs and zfsutils-linux is 0.7.6. This version is not compatible with the Linux kernel version 4.16 and fails to build. ZFS will be unusable until ZoL 0.7.8 or above is released in the Debian repository. The release of 0.7.8 is still pending. Sources: Greetings Vincent

  • New Server

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    I am running a similar setup and it works fine for me.. The only real difference is that i have a supermicro board (…on/C236_C232/X11SSM-F.cfm ) and only a Intel core I3 since i just have 1 small VM. Keep in mind that u still need a Power Supply.