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  • Quote from flmaxey: “Quote from tkaiser: “But not really helpful for those people who not visit the forum and ask (more than 2000 downloads per week for the RPi image -- how many of these users turn up here?) ” @votdev : @tkaiser has a legitimate point - most SBC users won't visit the forum looking for information on what not to do. The assumption would be, if it's possible to create a RAID array, it's OK. However, there's a middle ground. Rather than stop the RAID creation process, a WARNING di…

  • Quote from geaves: “@votdev & @tkaiser TBH I know the limitations of the Pi, the real problem is that most users do not, it's available in the market place and there are number of distros that run on the Pi, but OMV is the most attractive. What we should be doing is helping them understand those limitations otherwise this is going to appear again and again. I have been in process of trying to put something together explaining this and include links to parts of the forum where they can get guidan…

  • Reasons to Install to Internal USB Pro 1) Lack of Room for Extra Hard Drives 2) Clean Look Con 1) Can be slower 2) Life Span of USBDrive Hardware Needed USB 2 Flash Drive USB 2 Header Adapter USB 2 Header Cable or USB 3 Flash Drive USB 3 Header Adapter USB 3 Header Cable USB 3 Header Cable #2 Software Needed CD Burning Openmediavault Videos Openmediavault Install and Complete Setup How to Install Openemediavault Extras Install and Configure Flash Memory Plugin Have Fun!

  • Or people are using VPNs?

  • Could be that language becomes a problem and people give up.

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from TechnoDadLife: “Most popular search areas world wide ” Funny differences compared to download statistics (especially St. Helena!)…ult/files/4.1.3/stats/map ” I was thinking the same thing.

  • I was just checking searched statistics. 1) Freenas 90,500 /month 2) Openmediavault 49,500/month 3) Unraid 33,100/month 4) Rockstor 5,400/month 5) Nas4free 2,100/month Most popular search areas world wide:…69f20ef7e7165aa4521605229 Most popular search areas in the US…69f20ef7e7165aa4521605229 Sorry, it doesn't allow me to do regions of Europe or other continents separately. Just countries.

  • NextCloud Installation Q & A

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    Quote from Agricola: “I have been working on a Nextcloud install on OMV , off and on, since mid September of this year. Currently I am working with an Odroid HC2. 1. I have had Nextcloud working locally several times. The remote I am attempting now started with a local install that worked perfectly this morning. 2. I have all my Duck DNS's in a row, so to speak. 3. I have had a cert from Letsencrypt container several times, and presently have one now. 4. Earlier today I modified my config.php an…

  • Today, we install Openmediavault into our Promox server as a virtual machine.

  • Today, we install Proxmox which is a virtualization OS, so that we can then virtualize all our servers.

  • Today, we remove noexec from Openmediavault to fix some common problems with Plex(transcoding and outside of network access) and Openvpn-as(installing).

  • is plex working in omv4?

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    Quote from iNTiGOD: “You won’t ever look back running plex on docker. Updating plex is so much easier (eg restart plex running in docker) and if you want the latest builds they are available quickly. The only thing I believe that isn’t supported is hardware decoding (server side). ” You just need to edit some files to fix that. Open shellinabox Source Code (1 line) Hit F6 to search. At the bottom left look for the search line. Type in: mntent Hit enter. It should look like this. Source Code (10 …

  • Starting tools with docker

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    Highlight one of your images and press the logs button on the tool bar in your picture, then see what it says whats wrong. If you can't figure it out, post what it says to the forums. Get one docker working then try another. I would suggest starting with a simple docker first then building up to more complicated ones. Try the RPI-Monitor : Installation and Setup Videos - Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Its in the raspberry pi section.

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from TechnoDadLife: “Yes, it could solve some of the problems of omv. It is not perfect, but it is a simple alternative. ” Just wanted to let you know that adding that PPA is not needed. It is out of date and the package in its repo is older than what's in the stretch-backports repo. ” I didn’t even try. I just assumed it would be in the repo. I like the easy way.

  • Quote from Nefertiti: “Hello TenoDaddy right away I ran into a problem do you know what is the problem? I double checked the spelling apt-get install virtinst qemu-kvm qemu-utils Source Code (9 lines)” It could be that it is not in the arm repo. Anybody have an arm machine up and running?

  • Today, we will install Cockpit to manage our dockers, VMs, terminal and Users on Openmediavault I forgot in the video that you need backports enabled if it isn’t already.

  • Why don’t you post a screen capture of your config. You have a problem with your configuration.

  • Today, we install Letsencrypt which let us to get free SSL certificates for our server. There was a change in the container, so I am doing an update. Plus, this container most people have the hardest time with, so I decided to do a separate video with just Letsencrypt.

  • We will install Zoneminder to provide video surveillance and motion recording using Openmediavault and the cameras we already have. For the RaspberryPi, there aren’t any dockers that are exactly the same, but you can translate what I do to work with this docker: koenkk/rpi-zoneminder

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from TechnoDadLife: “I have it installed. You just need to follow the directions above to add it. ” I didn't realize there was a bunch of cockpit packages. I didn't have cockpit-docker installed. So, I looked to see what other packages there are. I saw some good ones and installed them: cockpit-docker cockpit-machines cockpit-packagekit cockpit-storaged Needless to say, I am impressed. The virtual machine section is a very good frontend for kvm. Just need to install…