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  • Today,we install FileZilla is a FTP file management tool on Openmediavault.

  • How to easily configure WireGuard

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from raulfg3: “will be great if some developer fix it so new install do not need manual changes by users. ” Would be great if there was a developer for that plugin but there isn't. Once wireguard stabilizes, I want to look at writing a plugin for that but it would be new and only be wireguard. ” If you don't write the plugin, there is already a docker for it. Installing and Using Wireguard, with containers.

  • HPT510 SlimNAS

    TechnoDadLife - - My NAS Build


    Quote from raulfg3: “some dockers running on this HP: ” Hi Raul, What is your minet docker in your docker picture above? Also what is PVideo? Just noticed you are a game of thrones fan too. House Stark.

  • Caibre = Calibre web = janeczku/calibre-web The links to the two programs to help clarify the situation.

  • Quote from KM0201: “Quote from Athanor: “Quote from KM0201: “I finally got around to setting up the Calibre docker ( Extremely simple if you follow the basic path of all their other containers. I never started messing with Docker until about a month ago... Just never felt the need as other than 1 thing, I had everything running exactly how I wanted. Then just decided to try a docker to see if it solved that "one thing", and it did. Incredibly simple. They'll always be my go to …

  • Today,we will install a Tor Proxy on our server to surf anonymous using Openmediavault. Post any questions HERE.

  • These are the cliff notes for the video. You probably have to understand the video to understand my notes. You can see the video HERE. Tor/Privoxy This dockerdoesn’t work on the Raspberry Pi Any questions post to this thread. Regain your privacy Check your IP address: Download Docker: linuxconfig/instantprivacy Run Image Container name:Instant Restart always Network Mode:Bridged Port forwarding: Host port: 8118 Exposed port:8118/tcp Save Windows 10 PCProxy for Whole PC Sea…

  • Quote from Virgil.A: “HOTFIX 2.1 - fixed the option "hide header", this was breaking the css file - added option to restore the edited css, this will download a clean css from omv git repo Was redoing the readme file as adding new css themes is not easy to explain, I will probably change the theme changing part in the future so it can read files present in theme folder and apply it, but this will be at a later time, and found a small bug that was breaking the css, if this happened I added an opt…

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from Athanor: “we cannot upgrade anymore OMV because we have no alternative to the use of Calibre. I don't know so well Ubuntu and i need a plugin to use Calibre. Please, create a plugin at least for the last OMV version. ” Unfortunately, I'm not going to port the plugin BUT it shouldn't be hard to get it working in docker (which does have a plugin). Maybe @TechnoDadLife would be interested in adding a video for it to his excellent list of videos - Installation and …

  • Plex issues

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    Try this Fix Plex issues.

  • Crashing

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    Another place to look is the power supply and the sd card. The most common problems on the pi for random stuff are an old or slow or corrupt sd card and a power supply that is gong bad. As brando stated above, it could be that you are over loading your Rock64. Anyone with a ROCK64 who can answer this question?

  • Crashing

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    Try posting your system file using the source tool on the tool bar, then people won’t have to down load a zip file to see what is going on.

  • Holiday Theme for Openmediavault

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    Post Add a Holiday Theme to your Openmediavault server to impress your friends and family! OMV Theme Changer Please give Syrusstk a thumbs up.

  • Quote from syrusstk: “NEW RELEASE - font height and weight can be changed globally Option can be found: CSS plugins >>> Font weight and size For font size can be a number Font weight can be a number or text check the table below * normal * Standard weight. Equivalent of 400. * bold * Bold weight. Equivalent of 700. * bolder * Bolder than the inherited font weight. * lighter * Lighter than the inherited font weight. * 100 * Lightest. * 200 * Bolder than 100, lighter than 300. * 300 * Bolder than …

  • Quote from syrusstk: “NEW RELEASE - New theme (Santa's elf) - Make it snow (well it adds snow) The snow effect should be easy on your CPU and GPU. For those celebrating Christmas, Happy Christmas. For those who don't well enjoy the Holidays or Vacation days. As for me this will be a boring one but at least no need to spend money on gifts this year :)).…41e65c3deb9af3c18e32be711…41e65c3deb9af3c18e32be711 ” I don't seem to be getting th…

  • Quote from flmaxey: “Quote from tkaiser: “But not really helpful for those people who not visit the forum and ask (more than 2000 downloads per week for the RPi image -- how many of these users turn up here?) ” @votdev : @tkaiser has a legitimate point - most SBC users won't visit the forum looking for information on what not to do. The assumption would be, if it's possible to create a RAID array, it's OK. However, there's a middle ground. Rather than stop the RAID creation process, a WARNING di…

  • Quote from geaves: “@votdev & @tkaiser TBH I know the limitations of the Pi, the real problem is that most users do not, it's available in the market place and there are number of distros that run on the Pi, but OMV is the most attractive. What we should be doing is helping them understand those limitations otherwise this is going to appear again and again. I have been in process of trying to put something together explaining this and include links to parts of the forum where they can get guidan…

  • Reasons to Install to Internal USB Pro 1) Lack of Room for Extra Hard Drives 2) Clean Look Con 1) Can be slower 2) Life Span of USBDrive Hardware Needed USB 2 Flash Drive USB 2 Header Adapter USB 2 Header Cable or USB 3 Flash Drive USB 3 Header Adapter USB 3 Header Cable USB 3 Header Cable #2 Software Needed CD Burning Openmediavault Videos Openmediavault Install and Complete Setup How to Install Openemediavault Extras Install and Configure Flash Memory Plugin Have Fun!

  • Or people are using VPNs?