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  • My goal is also to use my existing 2.5" disks and not to lose data if one or two of them fail. I'm sure the result still can be relatively compact, quiet and low power, especialy since most of the time it will be idling.

  • Nefertiti, your first links leads to a 404 page… But your setup seems rather simple and elegant. Is there any other ARM board that can take PCI cards? If I foresee getting two more 2.5 disks in the future, I just get a PCI SATA card with more connectors, right? Are there any drawbacks for the setup Nefertiti uses?

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Not really since the count of disks is the problem to get something 'compact, quiet and low power' and inexpensive as well. ” Do you mean that there's no ARM board that can be easily / natively connected to 4 SATA disks?

  • Hello, I have four 2,5" SATA disks (500GB-1TB) and would like to make a small NAS out of them. What kind of hardware would you suggest for that? I would only use it to store my files, no other functions needed. I can do withouth Wifi, Ethernet is enough for me. Speed is unimportant, I just need my NAS to be compact, quiet and low power. I guess ARM would be more suitable for such task than x86, right?

  •…3758D4I-4L#Specifications No idea how much it will cost, probably quite a lot. 13 SATA ports though…

  • Has anyone found cheap Denverton motherboards? The processors itself are quite inexpensive (starting from $27) so I thought they could be useful for a lowend NAS, but no many motherboards with them so far. Found only but these are expensive, starting from 250 EUR. And I don't need 4 x 1GbE anyway, however 8 x SATA3 would be useful. Is it because these chips were released only a month ago? Or are they targeted only for high end? I don't know much about In…

  • Thanks, MergerFS + SnapRAID might fit what I'm looking for! Can they be used together with OMV? Or maybe I don't even need OMV if I put MergerFS + SnapRAID on stock Debian and turn on some kind of file sharing?

  • Quote from flmaxey: “I have a backup server (an R-PI with a 4TB usb drive) that duplicates my 24x7 main server once a week ” Fine if your backup fits on one disk. I don't have a NAS yet. I'm planning to build one and appear as ~15 GB single volume on my computer when connected. Can't do that without RAID or ZFS/BTRFS to merge several HD into one logical one. Looks like ZFS has at least as much oportunities to fail as RAID if not more. This is what I read on FreeNAS forum about ZFS: Quote from cy…

  • So you actually don't know what happened?

  • Can someone explain what exactly went wrong in this case and how can others avoid that?

  • Debian 9 Stretch

    turziko - - General


    To put it more precisely — are there any plans to use Debian 9 for OMV 3 in the future? From the replies here looks like OMV 3 will remain on Debian 8 forever, right?

  • Debian 9 Stretch

    turziko - - General


    Now that Debian 9 Stretch is released as stable, are there any plans to use it instead of Debian 8 for OMV?

  • I also have a question about this motherboard. It has a Mini PCI-Express slot. Can I put a SSD disk in it? It would be very convenient not to waste a SATA port.

  • Hi! I'm trying to build very-low-budget NAS (purely for backup / storage, no transcoding or anything like that). Seems that Q1900-ITX is the best bang for the buck available at the moment? Reasonable performance, CPU included, 70 EUR/USD, 4 SATA ports, low power. (Have some SO-DIMMs laying around as well, nice that I can reuse them.) Is there any motherboard with much better performance, more SATA slots or lower power available for <100 EUR/USD? (Or maybe not now but in near future.) From my res…