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  • I'm running a G3258 Intel Processor, B85 motherboard and 16GB of ram in my OMV for a number of years. Recently I changed from a 2x4GB ZFS mirror setup to a 6x2GB ZFS Z2 setup. Because I needed more Sata ports I installed a Dell H200 Perc raid controller, flashed to IT mode. When transferring my data back I realized something may not be right as it tool longer than expected. It wasn't until I tried using Rsnapshot to backup the data to the 4GB drive(s) I realized something is horribly wrong. The …

  • Offsite backup solution OMV > OMV?

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    I've been running OMV for many years and I always wanted to create an offsite option. After struggling to get it going now I'm starting to wonder if there is a simpler way. This was my plan: -Setup OMV at an offsite location (done) -Setup OpenVPN between the two (done) -Setup NFS file share, limit to a single user account (nightmare) and use RemoteMount -Use Rsnapshot to create backup offsite (didn't get to) Getting the VPN running and autostarting was the easy part, the NFS is a complete nightm…

  • Rsnapshot and speed?

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    So I just started using Rsnapshot to backup to an external USB3.0 4TB drive. The drive benchmarks at 40MB/s which seems a little low but that's fine. I started the Rsnapshot backup of 250GB and it's currently at 114GB after several hours. A drive that does 40MB/s should do it in an hour so I'm confused, is this normal or not.

  • I use ZFS and moved from a 2x4TB Mirror ZFS to a 6x2TB Z2 configuration. After moving my data I noticed that it's trying to resilver and the estimated time is 90 hours. I have about 4.5GB of actual data on it right now. It seems a little excessive. Would anyone comment as whether this speed is normal or whether this is slower than normal? I'm using a Dell H200 Raid Controller flashed with v20 LSI firmware in IT mode. Source Code (17 lines)

  • MemTest86, add to Grub?

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    I would love to have the option to run MemTest86 from the Grub menu upon boot. Would anyone have any suggestions how to get this done, I don't want to mess it up and lose the other items needed for OMV to start or Clonezilla.

  • Does OMV support dual CPUs?

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    I plan to replace my current OMV rig with one using dual Xeon E2630v2 and I'm curious if this is supported. I plan to run Plex and VirtualBox machines so I'm hoping for a little more horsepower. Thanks!

  • Command: mysqldump --user='root' --password='whatever' --all-databases > all_databases.sql The command works great when manually run, however when using the scheduled jobs the following error shows. Could it be because I have a $ symbol in my password? Source Code (11 lines)

  • After every reboot I now get OMV alerts that are a little odd: Does not exist Service php-fpm then I get Exists Service php-fpm Sounds like the monitor is checking too early before the service has a chance to start. Any ideas how to tell it to chill? Thanks!

  • I'm running an old Proxmox kernel apparently and even updating it does not seem to show good results. How does one uninstall the Proxmox kernel and re-enable the backports repo? I tried installing the linux image 4.9.0-0.bpo.6-amd64, but the headers are giving me an error. Not sure if I have to uninstall Proxmox first and/or get the backports repo back? Source Code (3 lines)

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from vulcan4d: “What Kernel are you guys using with ZFS in OMV 4? My previous kernel of 4.4.67-1-pve does not work. Nor do any of the bpo 1-6, or That's all I have in my list, none work with ZFS. The other version your guys mentioned I don't even have show up. ” All of those kernels work with zfs (especially the proxmox kernel). You probably don't have the kernel headers installed. ” Almost got it working but one more hurdle remains, this is what I …

  • What Kernel are you guys using with ZFS in OMV 4? My previous kernel of 4.4.67-1-pve does not work anymore after the upgrade. Nor do any of the bpo 1-6, or That's all I have in my list, none work with ZFS. The other version your guys mentioned I don't even have show up.

  • I have a reoccurring ZFS bug that keeps happening once in a while when I reboot my server. The ZFS drives disappear and have to be imported. Annoying, but not as annoying as the next bit which is a consequence of the bug. Once imported, all the Shared Folders say N/A. OK they can be recreated, however these Shared Folders are referenced through everything that is OMV. The references need to be removed before the Shared Folder can be removed and re-created. Editing does not work as it provides an…

  • My OMV decided to no longer allow me to login after the installation of VirtualBox. The login screen comes up, I enter my administrator credentials, the screen flashes and I'm back at square one asking to login again. Tried different browsers, HTTP and HTTPS. SSH login works, reboots don't help. Curious as to what may have caused it during the installation. I hope I don't have to reload from an old backup file. Any suggestions?

  • Another look shows that the loss of the ZFS pools and re-import caused the drives to change the type of drive identity. I believe it normally is the UUID, how it looks like the path (dev/sdx). If drives get moved or HyperV does it's thing again it looks like this is probably why. Any suggestions, I'm at a loss.

  • OK so I'm experiencing a chain of events that is driving me a little nuts. My shared folders go N/A for device and I cannot edit them to correct, only option I have is to delete every shared folder and recreate. This is caused because I'm running OMV under HyperV and once in a while Windows decides to make the drives "Online", causing the drives to be unmounted from the HyperV guest machine after reboot. They can be easily made offline and readded, however when OMV boots the ZFS drives disapear …

  • Why would a ZFS pool be imported with the sda,sdb etc naming convention instead of the dev ID? I'm relocating drives between servers and when I import they come up as sdx. At first I didn't care, then something decided to reshuffle my drives and the pool disappeared. It was easy enough to import, but now the shared folders don't work. Nor will it let me edit. I have to delete them and re-create. Seems bothersome unless they can be imported using their ID name which never changes. Thoughts?

  • Anyone else here still using Seafile? Mine broke, either by itself or due to an update. Either way I spent days trying to fix it scouring the Seafile forums with no luck. It came down to isolating what part fails by looking at the var/log/nginx/seahub.error.log file but it appears to be truncating logs everytime something is added and I just can't get the answer. Anyone else seen the "Unhandled Exception" error when opening the Seafile web portal. App fails to sync too, but they just say "failed…

  • I run a business grade Sophos Firewall with OpenMediaVault behind it. Recently I have noticed ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) alerts from my firewall identifying a threat from my OMV server calling back home to an outside IP. I've seen this when running TransmissionBT because some IP addresses are flagged, however I have had it removed for a few couple weeks now. I ran multiple bootable AV suites to look for infected files or rootkits, none are found on the OMV drive. The attempt comes up once …

  • Locked user [NONAME] cannot be cleared

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    Ever since I upgraded to OMV 3.0 I get alerts about locked users since a while back. The one which I cannot clear is the following: Source Code (2 lines)Any suggestions, as OMV-Firstaid allows me to clear it but next day it's the same thing again.

  • So I've upgraded from OMV2 to 3 and got ZFS working in a RaidZ 3x3TB setup. Today I wanted to see what a drive failure would look like so I pulled out one of the drives from the Pool. The result is not what I expected. The Pool status still shows "OK" and nothing is sown under "State", so just looking at it I wouldn't know there is a drive failure. The email alert received is confusing as I received a Samba alert. This is odd because this test Pool of three drives doesn't have have any Samba sha…