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  • Quote from turziko: “Nefertiti, your first links leads to a 404 page… But your setup seems rather simple and elegant. Is there any other ARM board that can take PCI cards? If I foresee getting two more 2.5 disks in the future, I just get a PCI SATA card with more connectors, right? Are there any drawbacks for the setup Nefertiti uses? ” Link is come already with 1 SATA power cable 12/5 volts

  • As for me my Config is Rockpro64 - Marvell 9235 - 4 discs 27 TB ( 2 X 3.5- and 2 X 2.5) using their case as-casing and an other cable…able-for-dual-sata-drives so you can easily fit 4 X 2.5 Now not sure what you are calling inexpensive but for me It fitted the bill I am pretty happy with this set-up also all my back up are done thru ext disc connected to USB 3 port.

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from Nefertiti: “Well my version of lsioarmhf/plex is working perfect for me on rockpro64 in arm64 architecture! ” Thanks for the correction. But would it work the other way around (armhf OMV version running arm64 Dockers)? IMO to put it simple: Take care about the architecture of your OS and choose same Dockers. ” I would not dare to correct a master. I just mentioned what it is working for me. The last time I looked I did not find any arm64 docker for plex and since …

  • Well my version of lsioarmhf/plex is working perfect for me on rockpro64 in arm64 architecture!

  • Quote from aykaydub: “Quote from Agricola: “I finally got Nextcloud to run with Letsencrypt/Duckdns. I thought I would post my sample config.php and nextcloud.subdomain.conf files in case anyone else faces a similar problem. To recap, I am running Nextcloud from a docker install on an Odroid hc2 running omv 4. I would like to thank @TechnoDadLife, @syrusstk, and @Nefertiti for the parts they played in this. It was @Nefertiti that added the final piece to the puzzle. After having all of the conta…

  • This strange since a day before the list was full, is it because I deleted omv.list? Source Code (53 lines)

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “There is no official plex repo for arm64. So, disable the plex repo in omv-extras. The weakref error is not a problem. ” No more error but update is empty!

  • I do not have omv-list but omv.list witch I removed but now I get an other error, see code Source Code (1 line)

  • Source Code (98 lines)I am unable to get update thru the GUI as well in CLI ?

  • Quote from geaves: “Quote from ktl97: “Tried to edit using nano /proc/mounts but it will not save. ” It won't save because it's a tmpfs. Well the fstab is clear, the only thing I can suggest is to delete the container Openvpn-as and start again ” Among all the plex dockers available maybe one of them does not have this behavior?

  • About the IP issue go to Error with static ip on rock64 at the end of the thread.

  • the 0.7.9: gitlab-ci-linux-build-67 is the stable release but personally it was not working very well for me making everything slow so I jumped to the pre release 0.7.11: gitlab-ci-linux-build-75 I started with…-0.7.11-1075-armhf.img.xz witch is a little bit more compatible with some dockers or plugin but I switched to the 64 for a gain 0f maybe 10 % in term of speed. I did not have any major problem except a lot of trouble to get a static IP but you can find the t…

  • Sorry to come in the middle but for the pro you need to use ayufan files I am using…-0.7.11-1075-arm64.img.xz

  • cloning

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    Quote from letomtom: “Hi Nefertiti, i tried your method using Gparted. Seems it works. But then i go back in windows to make the cloning using Win32DiskImager, as said geaves. But the Win32DiskImager does not see any files in the Drive; because it is not Windows compatible i think. How to clone on windows or Gparted fro eg ? Tk's ” Win32 strangely, wont show any file from an SD just pick in device your SD click on the icon folder where you want to save when it open the windows write boot.img and…

  • Actually I do not know how I looked at it! but actually NO it did not update. Version An update is available. Please install manually. What's New Update Removed the docker and reinstalled working no re-config involved.

  • cloning

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    What is working for me let's says we want to put your 64 GB on a 16 GB you need Gparted. Put iit on a thumb drive with Linux live USB creator when you are in Gparted, there you can shrink the second partition by moving the cursor on the right and move the Linux swap to the left as far as you can, click apply now. Optional I advise you to save it to a new shrank image for back-up, in in windows use win32 disk imager check mark "Read only allowed partition" to save it. so i…

  • Quote from gderf: “What version of Plex are you running and what version is being reported as an update? If the update is a PlexPass version and you don't have a PlexPass, you can't get it. v2tec/watchtower uses tags to determine what image is pulled. See: Use the appropriate for your hardware tag when pulling the image. ” V2tec watchtowerv2 armhf-latest give me also an error A Plex Media Server update is available for the server rockpro64! my …

  • Quote from gderf: “The plex dockers I use will update plex to the latest version if you restart the container. ” I did and so far no upgrade I am trying to find an arm compatible of watchtower.

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from Nefertiti: “Well sine the arach64 was not available for plex I was not sure if the regular 32 bits was working in mixed environment but it does, issue resolved. ” The plugin on arm64 uses the 32bit plex package as well. Glad the docker works. ” I am getting this below, from Plex so how can I update Plex in a docker? A Plex Media Server update is available for the server rockpro64! nowSkip this version

  • Latest Docker plugin update

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    Hello TenoDaddy right away I ran into a problem do you know what is the problem? I double checked the spelling apt-get install virtinst qemu-kvm qemu-utils Source Code (9 lines)