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  • It might be related to this thread. Check if this can help.

  • I got an email report this morning saying this: Source Code (9 lines) It looks like the same issue as this thread, but since the OMV release is different, I thought it would be better to have another dedicated thread. I am guessing this issue has to do with the release of Jessie which is the new stable as of yesterday. I have replaced "stable" with "wheezy" in the file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99openmediavault-release and now omv-update command doesn't show any issue. Does anyone else got this proble…

  • Client to client option is not relevant in this case as it is used to allow VPN client to reach another VPN client. Default gateway option should only be used to route all traffic from VPN client toward VPN server, including internet traffic. If unchecked a route to the LAN subnet will be pushed to VPN clients. No extra options should be needed for external clients to reach LAN clients because an iptables NAT rule is set that will NAT VPN client traffic to the LAN VPN server IP. If no iptables N…

  • I did some commits on the openvpn plugin. May I also be invited to the plugin development forum? It could be helpful.

  • OpenVPN error

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    Sorry for the issue, update to the latest openvpn plugin (it was released this morning) which contains the bugfix. If you are interested, see the last part of this thread for the gory details.

  • Thank you (once again)

  • Quote from HK-47: “It should be fixed now :)” Thanks. To be completely thorough, there is still one case where this could mess up the configuration. If for whatever reason the iptables rule is not present in the iptables nat table (table flushed by another process for example), the iptables rule deletion will fail and mkconf will fail. We could solve this by adding '|| true' to the command: Source Code (1 line)

  • Ok I reproduced the issue. It indeed happens on initial setup because the file is not created. For the story, I added that line to delete the previous iptables nat rule because everytime a change is made (and saved), the nat rule was added, whether or not you change the VPN subnet. For instance, if you do 10 configuration changes, you will end up with 10 iptables line in the nat table (and it could be the same that appears 10 times if you did not change the VPN subnet). As a quick fix, in the /u…

  • I just updated the plugin on my test vm and didn't run into any issue. On what occasion did you get the error, upon plugin installation?

  • Quote from subzero79: “Those are take from the openvpn doc website. So i was thinking as an improvement to add a checkbox to the certificate items to config the bundle as this (no redirect traffic and only available if the in the general redirect gateway is checked) ” That seems pretty confusing. I'm not sure that I exactly get what you want. If the purpose is to make different client configuration that coexist with each others, I think having an extra field which can be freely populated for eac…

  • If Default Gateway option is checked, all network traffic of the client (including internet) will be routed to the VPN Server, via the following parameter in the config file: Source Code (1 line) If Default Gateway option is not checked, a route to the private network (i.e. your LAN where you NAS is located, in most cases something like, is pushed to the client. In this case, only the traffic to that specific network is routed to the VPN Server, the remaining traffic is routed to…

  • 1. This is already implemented via the Default Gateway option. 2. Thanks for reporting this. I'll see what I can do. Btw: when I pass my mouse over the bottom right of each post I see five buttons: quote, report, like, dislike, go to top.

  • OpenVPN settings

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    Quote from Nem: “so a few questions to help me understand what's going on here (networking is completely foreign to me) 1. What does that Default Gateway option in the plugin do? i.e. what does it mean for clients to redirect their default network gateway through the vpn? 2. I have set, in openvpn plugin options, my DNS server to be the internal IP of my router ( What does it mean to have my router be a DNS server? 3. Why does it work when I map \\\Media, but not when I…

  • My developer skill sucks, but it should not be that hard. I'll give it a look when I have some time. I noticed a thing or two that also need to be fixed.

  • Awsome information subzero79! I banged my head last night trying to make a script which check username/password with pwauth until I found out that only www-data (or root) is allowed to run pwauth (which is hard-coded into pwauth). Since I did not want to re-compile pwauth, I gave up. The plugin method is so much easier. In the end, to sum up, the server only need the following in the Extra field: Source Code (1 line) (I think it also makes it more secure since nothing is written on disk, even te…

  • As ppfdez said, but for the server part, you will need to put the following in the 'extra options' of OpenVPN plugin: Source Code (2 lines) should also be executable Source Code (1 line)

  • OpenVPN plugin enhancement and issues

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    It is probably possible but my developer skill really sucks. Unless official developer is interested in adding this feature, I don't see it coming anytime soon. You may want to try the openmediavault-openvpnas plugin, it may offer more tunable options.

  • Adding a drive to Raid5

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    resize2fs is exclusively for ext2/3/4 file systems. For xfs you would indeed use the xfs_growfs command. The command should be available on OMV. Procedure is almost identical to your previous topic (Extend Raid5) minus the last part : Source Code (5 lines) As stated in the above mentionned topic, you should be able to grow the raid by adding the disk in the webgui, but you won't be able to resize the Physical Volume since the LVM plugin only allows creation/deletion of a PV. For that part you wi…

  • Did you launch the OpenVPN gui on Windows as Administrator ? Because if you don't, OpenVPN won't be able to add routes and therefore you will not be able to access private IPs. You should be able to see if OpenVPN was able to add routes or not in the log window of OpenVPN. You can also check your Windows routes in a terminal window by typing 'route print'.

  • I do not have that issue nor am I able to reproduce it. Can you give the output of the following command: Source Code (1 line) If it does not output anything, you can try to force the regeneration of proftpd.conf file with the following command: Source Code (1 line) If you have checked the Passive FTP 'Use the following port range' flag, it should add the following line in the proftpd.conf file: Source Code (1 line)