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  • I have checked calibre by browsing trough my books on Safari EXCELLENT!!!!! Regarding calibre i will use it first only local May in future about vpn as you recommend:) Some addition: How can I rename a book after adding it to the library? Saw right now that calibre imported also .files Do you know why? I have instead of 244 now 488 books (half are books and the other hals are .files with max. 4kb)

  • Thanks got it under scheduled tasks. Thanks a lot

  • I´ve created both scripts according to my needs so far. Quote from riff-raff: “Edit: The import script as posted right now just simply imports everything in the 'import' folder. On my server, I run this script with Cron once a day and delete the content of 'import' after finished import. This prevents double import of books and I simply have to place new books in this folder, everything else is done automaticly. I can post this later on today. ” would be a dream have no clue about that

  • Riff Raff!!! I am so sorry... I found the mistake and everything is working well now... My Mistake was that I copied your "calibre.service" content and only replaced the xxx.... But you have drive-by- and I have dev-disk-by-label-xxx Replaced it now and it´s ok OMG really really sorry for that

  • I have now tried to remove and new install calibre received then the same error. I have now also set up OMV 3.0.94 inVMbox and got the same Error. i think it´s my fault or I am doing something wrong with the rights.... All my drives are EXT4

  • On my main drive where is OMV installed I have currently 180Gb free Space. I have also moved the calibre &import folder to my other HDD where I have currently 900GB free....

  • Same Error... Source Code (13 lines) Do you know what the "result: recources" means? ... How can I have a look at Source Code (1 line)EDIT: I have disconnected the fuller HDD´s and got now by journalctl -xn the following error: Seems to have something to do with PLEX Source Code (30 lines)

  • Good Morning, thanks for your result. I guess the problem is that the folder var/run/calibre have no rights to get be written? How can I set up those rights? via Symlink? If yes how do I do that? EDIT: I tried to activate the Homefolder on SMB to access rights on it but got an error: Source Code (8 lines) Regarding the SSH Tool I am using is "Termius" on Mac. It´s like the normal terminal and the box with blue background is midnight commander installed on OMV for file browsing

  • Quote from riff-raff: “did you try Source Code (1 line)as recommended? ” tried it now and still failing with same error as above.... do you think that's a problem because I have "DOCKER" Plugin installed with calibre? (As of Post ebook server )…7a8904e7db0fb95ab56c20d98 I tried that this morning...

  • Oh man I am so sorry for that We can stop if you want I don't want to steal your evening ... Its sad that it doesn't work but that's ok please see below the new Source Code (1 line) and here when I Source Code (1 line)…7a8904e7db0fb95ab56c20d98 and the request Source Code (1 line)…7a8904e7db0fb95ab56c20d98 I don't know....

  • On my main drive (250GB) I have enough free Space and upgraded this morning to 3.0.94 I give both drives which have not so much space left little bit more free space and try it again EDIT => Have now enough free space Source Code (8 lines)to 4. do you think it makes sense to delete the "calibre" folder and let create it through the start? EDIT END Thanks for taking time and rebuilding this on your VM

  • Quote from riff-raff: “Strage ... I assume its some type of permission error ” Mhhh... ok but thank you very much anyway for your efforts

  • I have created it as you have written in your HowTo and directly in "Nano" with the command Source Code (1 line)Then copied your text inside and replaced XXX against my path of created "calibre folder" using share on OMV WebGUI

  • Quote from riff-raff: “Check content of the following file: Source Code (1 line)” My File: (Hidden Content) Regarding the PID-File there is nothing inside /var/run/calibre The rights should also be fine…7a8904e7db0fb95ab56c20d98

  • Quote from riff-raff: “Check content of the following file: Source Code (1 line) My file: (Hidden Content)” (Hidden Content) Check if folder Source Code (1 line)exists and contains the .pid-file. If there is a .pid, delete it. Check folder permissions as well. The folder should be created by the startscript and rights will be granted as well so that .pid-file can be placed. => There is no PID File inside... [/quote]

  • Here the system.ctl status calibre.service (Hidden Content) and here journal.ctl -xn (Hidden Content) Please don't wonder about the 2 HDD which have no space left.. I try to fix this. Hopefully this isn't the problem?! Regarding your questions how /serv looks like:…7a8904e7db0fb95ab56c20d98

  • Here a Screenshot via SSH (Hidden Content) How can I check it with terminal?

  • Hi Riff Raff, thanks for your reply Got it and now I am hanging up on that: the subdirectory "calibre" in /var/run/ is needed for write-permissions to the PID-file. Adopt the library-path (--with-library=/srv/drive-by-xxx/calibre) and the port to your needs. (Hidden Content) My calibre.service file is looking as yours but instead of xxx I have chosen the path of my "calibre" folder. What am I doing wrong here?

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    Thank you Raulfg3, I got the installation of the docker via Plugins inside of OMV. Also I installed calibre as the docker image. (Hidden Content) The question here for me is, when I want to run the docker a new window appears (Screenshot 2, 3 and 4). How do I need to configure that? (Hidden Content) Regarding your second link I don't understand exactly how do I need to replace the XXX and YYY. That's my output: (Hidden Content) Sorry for asking .. it´s quite new for me as a Mac/Windows user....

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    "But you can still use calibre server on 3.x without the plugin." How am I doing this? Sorry i am quite new on OMV