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  • Hello, I just upgrade my NAS from OMV3 to OM4 OMV was not properly configured so I run a apt-get -f install and kept existing config file when it was asking to choose. Now when I try to install OMV plex plugin and it's giving errors: Source Code (23 lines) If somebody have an idea... Thanks in advance!

  • DVR tuner for OMV (Plex)

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    Hi Folks I am considering to add a DVR tuner on my NAS to use with Plexmediaserver. I saw the list of Plex supported tuner and I would like to know if some OMV users have already tested and if there is some recommendations before to buy. My system runs kernel 4.9.0-0.bpo.5-amd64 I saw as well that some non supported tuner may works ?! If drivers could be included in my kernel it would be great Any tips are welcome

  • Source Code (2 lines)hahaha

  • Hello, I have an error message when I remove openmediavault-vdr plugin. I didn't configure it it was just a test before to buy a DVR Tuner However when I unistall it I get Source Code (6 lines)And the entry still there in OMV web interface. Any idea? Thanks

  • Hello, My NAS was worrking fine since a recent upgrade. Suddenly I am facing errors launching Virtualbox I have catch the log when I start the service: Source Code (71 lines) I am not an expert but log talks a lot about hardware... As My NAS is running now since 5 years, I suspect the root SSD to be dying? I already did a backup with omv backup plugin. What are your advices to check SSD health and fix this issue? Thanks in advance for the help

  • Thanks a lot ryecoaaron!

  • allright I have some news: I did a Source Code (1 line)I it seems to help I am now able to install virtualbox without error Only openmediavault-virtualbox is giving an error saying that the user vbox doesn't exist I just need to create it manually? What is the password a should set?

  • Hello, I have updated my OMV2 to to OMV 3 I a problem installing back the virtualbox plugin: Source Code (4 lines) here are some info about my sources.list Source Code (3 lines)I deleted the vbox user and /etc/default/virtualbox I said earlier in the topic but doesn't help My kernel is Source Code (2 lines)If somebody has an idea it would be great. Thanks

  • Jeedom container Docker plugin

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    I try this but same behavior: Source Code (34 lines)

  • Jeedom container Docker plugin

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    Hi Neo_007, Yes I did. Have you add some args running the image?

  • Jeedom container Docker plugin

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    Dear community; I am trying the docker plugin (the stable one) to make a Jeedom container. I follow the Jeedom documentation about docker but it seems that it don't work with omv docker's plugin. Here are the log of jeedom container, if somebody has face the same issue and can share a workarround it would be great

  • Quote from postfixx: “Just tried installing ownCloud plugin, however when I attempt to access the owncloud webpage I get the following error: "Your web server is not yet properly setup to allow files synchronization because the WebDAV interface seems to be broken.Please double check the installation guides." Not quite sure what to do, I read another thread which said to disable webdav checks which I believe I did and even after a reboot, the problem still remained.” I had similar issue, my certi…

  • I try with backport kernel, same thing Edit: Shame on me! It was a problem of layer 8 of the osi model, on display, remote server was disable.

  • same behavior with both chrome and firefox. I saw that even with purge done, the PHP Virtualbox admin password still the one I've set on OMV 0.5, some config files still there?

  • It is running Source Code (2 lines)

  • Hello comunity, I am trying to use Virtuabox plugin on my OMV. On PHPVirtualbox, VM starts, I can see it on the preview windows but the console button is grey and unclickable. As my NAS has been always upgraded since OMV 0.4 (I am now in 2.1.18), I tried to purge every virtualbox packages and reinstall them but there is no changes. Any idea?

  • okay then: Source Code (3 lines) and file sub.conf has been modified by subsonic omv plugin: Source Code (8 lines)

  • it is no running and won't start Source Code (8 lines)

  • hello, after upgrading my server from 0.5 to 1.0 and 1.0 to 2.1.17 I installed subsonic and owncloud plugin. Then I have no more web GUI, and omv-firstaid says: Source Code (4 lines) An idea?

  • ok just needed to enable download manager repos