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  • Well, deactivating the Serial port didn't do the trick. In the end I did copy one HDD to the other using GParted within Partition Magic. I had to shrink the main partition because one disk was bigger than the other. I love how any install of linux is not hooked to the system it's installed on. I still wonder what could cause this black screen, anyone has an idea?

  • I just found something about disabling the COM ports in BIOS that could solve the issue. I will try it when I get home later and tell you if it does the trick. Anyway I will have it fixed with your solution.…-debian-installer-to-boot

  • I guess it's a workaround, because other than that problem the PC could still load the old OMV installation on the ssd. This before I erased the partitions used PartedMagic. Not sure why I didn't think of it before lol. It might also be lazyness. Opening 2 cases to move the BD Rom and SSD. Though, I'm still curious about what could cause this...

  • Hi, I'm not sure to understand what's going on. I Power up the machine, it boots on the DVD then I select install and afterwards everything goes black. I already made an installation on the same gears with no problem at all. I tested the DVD on another machine and it's fine. I erased everything on the ssd thinking it could be the multiple partitions giving trouble to the OMV setup to start with no success. I reseted my BIOS settings to default without success too. Like I said, I don't understand…

  • RAID 5 Missing - need help for rebuild

    ZJohnAsZ - - RAID


    Hi, Source Code (1 line) I just want to say thank you for this command! I modified it to keep bcd only since the a wasn't par of my RAID5. I don't know why but after I moved one of the 2 RAID5s I had in my machine to a new build, OMV wouldn't detect my 3 HDDs as a RAID5 anymore. I will keep this one in my book in case it happens to me again.

  • So, it should be corrected soon? It means everyone would experience it ? I guess I will just wait and setup a VPN on my ddwrt router instead.

  • I'm talking about the certificate tab in the plugin.

  • Error when I try to add or delete a certificate: Source Code (16 lines)

  • Hi, I installed the plugin without experiencing any problem, but once I try to create a certificate I get an error message. I have 2 boxes available: in the 1st on I select the user and then I can name it. I then click to accept, get an error message, but still, the certificate appears in the list. When I try to delete that certificate, I get another error, but it doesn't disappear from the list. It only does when I uninstall OPENVPN. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling OPENVPN, but get the sa…

  • Where I can get 1.13 ?

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    Haha! I'm just used to see it this way when downloading programs and stuff.

  • Where I can get 1.13 ?

    ZJohnAsZ - - General


    Ok, thank you! Since 1.13 is the latest version I bet that the ISO available is 1.09.

  • Where I can get 1.13 ?

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    I kind of have the same question but regarding the download section to set up a server from a fresh install. I don't want to start a new thread for nothing because it might only be a way that things are dealt with that I'm not used to. The OMV that is available on SourceForge is called "openmediavault_1.9_amd64". Is it the correct version? Should it be "openmediavault_1.13_amd64" or "openmediavault_1.09_amd64" that I install and then update to the 1.13. Thank you

  • Thank's to everyone! I will be moving it today! Wish me good luck!

  • It's that simple? I only have to clone the HDD and move it to the new machine? There won't be any driver issues or anything like that? Well, thank you! My long time use of microsoft products has alienated me.

  • Hi, This is my first time doing something like this and I am not sure where to begin. 1. I want to move my omv configuration from my actual server to the new one. (Not the same HDD) 2. I want to move my 2 sets of RAID5 data disks from the old machine to the new one. (same HDDs) How can I do that so that I don't lose any of my data and configuration? I searched the forum, but could not really find a thread covering this particular case. The only infos I found were about how to swap the main syste…

  • @KM0201 Well, in my case, it works now, I only had to enable the VT option on my motherboard's BIOS. It might be something like that for you too .

  • Damn, I'm so dumb! I forgot to enable the Intel VT in my BIOS. Sorry about the useless thread.

  • My CPU is 64 bits. Q6600

  • Hi, My question is in the thread title. I installed virtualbox but it doesn't give me any choices of 64 bits OS when I create a VM. Is it normal?

  • Also MySQL Problem with OMV 1.x

    ZJohnAsZ - - Plugins


    Hey erdean2, I made this little guide to help with the matter. Part of the solution is in this thread though. [GUIDE] Fix openmediavault-mysql 1.0.10 plugin access denied after first change