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  • UrBackup?

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    Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from mrpink: “Please pay attention that the urbackup database is located under /var/urbackup and also writes much onto your USB stick and can fill up your file system. ” That is the urbackup user's home directory. I have a feeling that if you stopped the service, usermod -m -d /path/to/new/homedir urbackup, and restarted the service, it would still work. That directory would need executable permissions though. So, a normal OMV created data drive would not work. ” I'…

  • Sorry for interrupting this thread. Quote from tekkb: “I added a weekly cron job to reboot. Now the most data I can lose on the graphs is 7 days or less.” Would you please be so kind and post the content of the files you changed for doing the weekly reboot? Thank you. I was thinking of something similar, as I had a power outtake recently and due to the use of the folder2ram plugin i also lost some graphs.

  • Thank you for your reply. No, I don't run a proxy or something similar. I just tried contacting the repo with my smartphone via 4G (completely freed from my home network)... It's also giving me a 403 Forbidden Message. I'll remove the repo from my sources.list tomorrow. Are there any side-effects when doing this? Edit: I just read this: So I'll definitely try it once more after removing collabora.

  • @ryecoaaron: I tried omv-aptclean again today and this time I got this: Looks like there are some more errors when fetching packages: Source Code (16 lines) Also the connection to failed due to a timeout. But the server seems to be up: Source Code (12 lines) Any ideas what might go wrong here? Best regards.

  • Thank you a lot, Aaron. I'll just wait a few days and see. As long as the services are running fine (which is the fact) it's not that urgent to upgrade.

  • .... But issuing an omv-update leads to the errors like before: Source Code (76 lines) Can anyone please help me in getting the system up to date in order to upgrade to OMV 2.0 afterwards? Thank you a lot.

  • ... Trying an omv-aptclean seems to run fine and reports this: Source Code (125 lines) ...

  • Hi there, Before upgrading to OMV 2.0 I wanted to update all packages of my OMV 1.19 files on my BananaPi. Using the WebGUI failed with errors, so I tried SSH and omv-update. This also failed, displaying this output: Source Code (76 lines) Doing an apt-get -f install lead to this: Source Code (37 lines) It looks like there are lots of errors in DbDriver that I don't know how to repair.

  • Error #6000 cannot access GUI

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    Quote from davidh2k: “It shouldn't cause any side effects. Greetings David” Thank you for taking your time and looking over my issue, David! I really appreciate it.

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “...f2fs would not fix any of your issues.” I second this. I got the ammount of written data to the SD card of my BananaPi from ~0.8 GB / day down to 70 MB / day using fs2ram... (using Ext4)

  • Error #6000 cannot access GUI

    root2 - - General


    Quote from davidh2k: “Quote from JohaWeber: “or does the system just get all the files that are missing, and it's working again?” Exactly. Greetings David” After doing a complete update of my system (Banana Pi running OMV 1.19, Linux Kernel 3.4.103) by selecting all the possible updates and starting the process and doing a complete reboot I get the same error message like in the first post. Also the directory /var/cache/openmediavault does not exist. Unfortunalety your suggested apt-get didn't w…

  • Quote from bobafetthotmail: “... If you want to save that stuff regularly to disk, you need to set a chron job manually calling a "folder2ram -syncall", which syncs the contents of the ram folders to the disk folders...” I didn't even knew that this is possible - thank you for implementing it! Maybe I'll give it a try syncing data back to disk once every week (mostly because it gives a more consistent view for the graphics in case of power loss).

  • Sounds like a plan. I will try and report back. Thank you.

  • OK, now I think I understood. My particular Problem is that I can't access my FTP via e. g. FileZilla because it seems it doesn't work with MLSD/MLST but works with LIST/NLST instead. So I added FactsAdvertise off to the proftpd.conf to work around this issue and to force LIST/NLST. After this change I disabled/re-enabled the service via the WebGUI. This reverted the changes I made to proftpd.conf and it started advertising MLSD/MLST again, rendering FileZilla not working. I guess a single servi…

  • Quote from subzero79: “Quote from root2: “And it seems it does so everytime you disable / re-enable the FTP service through the GUI” Totally normal behaviour in OMV. If you want to alter some default configurations .conf look at the environmental variables that you can change…Environment_Variables/all” That looks promising, thank you. If I got you right, I could possibly change the OMV_PROFTPD_CONFIG=/etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf to point to another .conf file (let's s…

  • Quote from subzero79: “Don't know what happens in upgrade when is done via webui, in cli ask if you want to change the conf file, by the maintainer one. Also any change of ftp in omv webui will revert any manual changes to proftpd.conf So it could be the that upgrade reverted your changes.” The upgrade did actually revert the changes I made to proftpd.conf. And it seems it does so everytime you disable / re-enable the FTP service through the GUI. After writing the changes again and issuing a ser…

  • Hi there. I'*ve set up the FTPD according to this thread here: So my setup looks like this: - Basic FTPD configuration as stated above - FTP service port changed from 21 to some high port through the WebGUI and added a matching port forwarding on the router (FritzBox) - FTP service passive range setup in WebGUI and /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf (and edited /etc/modules accordingly) - FTP service passive ports forwarded in router - Added a <IfModu…

  • Hi @tommi32, I have a similar issue but didn't find any other solution than trying to reduce the disc access to a minimum. In case you are interested you might take a look here: Notebook HDD (WD Blue Mobile) spins down too early (after 3-4s instead of 20mins) If you did find a solution that is doing a better job please feel free to share it here

  • A quick update to tell what I found out so far: I got ProFTPD working with some clients again by adding Source Code (3 lines) to my proftpd.conf. But this doesn't work for every client. FileZilla (Windows) and AndFTP (Android) don't seem to get a proper listing of the files and folders. FileZilla still uses MLSD instead of LIST and stops working after the command. I created a FileZilla log here: Maybe one of the Devs can have a look at it and provide some help what might go wrong…

  • Sounds like a plan. Luckily I just made a complete SD Image right before the update so I can revert to that state if needed. I'll keep this thread updated in case I have any news.