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  • Yep, I just wanted to do it inside of omv. Doing it with Promox is cheating.

  • Webvirtmgr is not being maintained anymore. I think the easiest way to do it right now, would be cockpit. I was looking for something that would be quick and clean, but my research is not turning up anything that is being maintained.

  • Try rebooting again and see if the drive mounts and then your dockers come up.

  • Just a play on words or worlds. I am working on my OMV Fortnight project. I need KVM to pass through the video card. The last guide is from three years ago. I am looking for someone with more recent experience. [GUIDE] How to install KVM + WebvirtMgr Jul 28th 2016+1 Question & Discussion about KVM + WebvirtMgr

  • What did you mean by your drive did not remount?

  • Why don't you take screen shoots of your config files on your dockers. If you didn't save your configs in your app data folder than everything will disappear on reboot.

  • Is anyone currently using KVM? Are you using it with webvirtmanager or something else? I have a secret plan to (take over the world) avert a global disaster and I need to use KVM. No Proxmox will not work. Please let me know here.

  • Quote from denny2k2: “Quote from TechnoDadLife: “Just out of curiosity have you tried restarting your server? ” Well that's weird...rebooted server and all of my docker contrainers have reset.So I now need to setup my settings on Radarr, Sadarr, Heimdall etc Eitherway, the updated conf file still didn't work. ” So what that means is you are probably skipping at least one step when setting up your containers. So updated config file is not the problem. First, make sure your containers are set up r…

  • ssd drive help

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    Quote from HackitZ: “Quote from gderf: “You'll need to do better than this. Learn how to copy text from the shell and paste it into a forum post. And where are the edits for the flashmemory plugin? ” So i did copy from shellinabox, but when you do that, the formating (spacing) is fixed.the reason for taking a picture was to show how nano is displaying the text. so one of my tries was to fix all the extra spacing in nano. it did not work. As for what i added, UUID=7db5d975-3ca4-4e86-81bc-ae100d56…

  • Just out of curiosity have you tried restarting your server?

  • Quote from denny2k2: “Quote from raulfg3: “change last line to 192.168.023:8081 same that actually but witouth "s" ” I actually tried that already but I got:"502 Bad Gateway" as a result when going to Tried it again and got the same result. ” Hi Denny, So let's see what you did. Raul asked that you remove the s from https. Thanks

  • Quote from macnb: “got it. Thx guys. ” Great. Now what about that Kodi guide?

  • Maybe a better way of putting this is... Say you are using a word processor. Each time you use the word processor, you don't install a new copy of the word processor. You can just open a a new document and give it a different name. Dockers work the same way. You can download one docker image and reuse it many times giving each container a new name.

  • Quote from macnb: “ So, I uninstalled the myql Plugin and installed the MariaDB Docker in network mode (using --network my-docker-net as Extra Args) and made it work for the existing Kodi clients (after importing their DB's). Many of the video's by @TechnoDadLife showing MariaDB being used "inefficiently" (in my opinion). For example, one copy of MariaDB bound with Nextcloud running on the same server with another copy of MariaDB bound with Lychee. That means that are two instances of mariadb co…

  • Quote from maxspeed: “here log bro KM0201 problem : owncloud work but mariadb not work when change host path to specific path but when leave default mariadb work i want use mariadb linked with owncloud database not used sqlite ” Hi Maxspeed, Can you post screen captures of your configuration files for both you nextcloud and mariadb dockers.

  • That means that your config file is wrong. Why don't you post a screen shot of your config file? It's hard to give advice when you aren't showing anything.

  • Have you tried the docker?

  • Jellyfin Free and Open source media server install and setup on OMV.

  • Quote from emerenel: “Hi @Wek I managed to make bitwarden works with let's Encrypt. Furthermore, my Bitwarden container is not installed on the same OMV, but it works like a charm (Remote/local access, FireFox plugin, iOS App) The most important part is to properly create and configure the "bitwarden.subdomain.conf" file, located in your AppData folder, under LetsEncrypt/Nginx/Proxy-confs here is a template in attachment You have to change the following lines: server_name bitwarden.*; --> replac…

  • Rsync the Openmediavault Way

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    Post Back up all your files either to a local disk or to another server with Rsync.