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  • Quote from raws99: “So disabling smb was the only thing you stopped or the only thing you recall? Will try that, too. ” The only thing I recall. I will try re-enabling tomorrow and evaluate my speculations.

  • Tried about 1000 different things to resolve the referenced issue. I am happy to report that the last 3 days are back to normal. However I am concerned since I have not actually located what I did to fix the issue. One of the things that I have disabled that maybe relevant is the SMB service.

  • I have managed to capture the following kernel panics during the problem. Hardware is not having any issues, disks are almost brand new and were operating flawlessly just before my upgrade from OMV3 to OMV4.

  • Unfortunately just happened again. As soon as I manage to login to the webui system starts responding again and load average drops from 10+ to 0.x. I will investigating and let you know.

  • Hello, First post here but thought I would share my experience. I have upgraded yesterday from OMV3 to OMV4 and been randomly experiencing same issues as OP. After doing some research and reading the post here and getting the hint from post #2 I came up with the same result. PHP5 was still installed after OMV4 upgrade. To check if check PHP5 is still installed: Source Code (1 line)To remove leftovers of PHP5: Source Code (1 line) Use at your own risk! All kudos go to posters in the mentioned pos…