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  • OMV move from Physical to VM?

    raven66 - - My NAS Build


    Quote from vcp_ai: “Another (my) approach using Proxmox & OMV is: - Proxmox is installed on a 32GB SSD. - All the external storage (xxxTB)is installed and given to proxmox, defined via LVM. - OMV (VM) has 2 disks: 8 GB for System and xxTB for DATA. Storage is defined in Proxmox GUI (LVM) - Every VM uses same approach. OMV is only used as a NAS for physical machines, Video, .... Advantages: All storage is handled/controlled/checked by proxmox. No need to passtrough. Very easy to maintain. If any …

  • Another question, if I may. I have my OMV set on Intel i3-7100 @ 3,9 GHz and I have Asus laptop with i3-7100 @ 2,4 GHz (so laptop is theoretically less powerful than my OMV/NAS machine). Yet, my VM (inside VirtualBox plugin from OMV repo), which is Lubuntu 18.10, is sooooooooooooooooo slow, that it barely works. I set up two same (identical) distros on OMV's VirtualBox and on Windows Oracle VirtualBox on my laptop. Both VMs have the same RAM amount, same CPU settings, same GFX memory, all settin…

  • Quote from macom: “Quote from raven66: “OpenWrt is not yet supported on my router ” ” Cool. I was checking this some time ago and couple of months ago it wasn't available.

  • Quote from raulfg3: “your router have DHCP: ” Yes, it has DHCP, but not static lease with friendly names.

  • Quote from macom: “You can try to use OpenWrt as alternative firmware on the router. ” OpenWrt is not yet supported on my router, as Merlin and Tomato. This router is build on some other chip than others.

  • But anyway, my Asus RT-AC58U does not eventually have this function

  • Cool! Thank you! (I've overlooked static lease). Thank you for pointing me in right direction

  • Yeah, sorry, let me rephrase that. What I mean is, that I want to assign "friendly" name to my OMV inside my LAN. So, instead of typing in browser in order to enter web administration, I would like to type my.omv (or similar). Instead of \\\backup\ in file explorer, I would like to type \\my.omv\ And so on... I've tried to redirect my domain on my hosting, using A or CNAME records, but to no avail. Then, I was searching through my router panel to see if I can attach friend…

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Don't take this wrong way but if you don't know what dnsmasq is for, you probably don't need it. Your router is most likely providing everything it does for you already. ” Oh, no problem I have no issue admitting, that I'm plain stupid in certain aspects. But I'm curious and trying to learn new things every now and then. PS. my router does not have IP translation to human-string, I've checked.

  • Hello again. I've managed to install and use VB with no hassle. But, I keep getting these two error messages ocassionally, and I want to ask, if there's a fix? dm8VXco.png pRpf3AS.png My VM is running, I can connect via RDP, status is "running".

  • Uhm, still don't get it, sorry Can I use this plugin to translate "" to "OMV.local"?

  • Hi. Can someone explain me, what for is Local DNS & DHCP plugin? Description is cryptic, and searching the forum shows no results.

  • Android app - OMV remote free

    raven66 - - General


    Hello. Does anybody know this app? I believe it's not official, but it's it safe? Any thoughts?…

  • RDP to Virtualbox

    raven66 - - Plugins


    Quote from spupuz: “got a problem with VM Console, since i got RDP enable only on local host, how to i change it? see screenshot ” Just delete and leave that field blank. It should re-write proper address itself. I've got another question. VM is running, I can connect via RDP with no problem, but when I start VM and some time passes (several minutes or so), when I'm getting back to phpVirtualBox tab, there's an error message like below. How can I get rid of it?

  • Installing OMV on Zyxel NSA325(ARM)

    raven66 - - General


    Quote from silax: “Hello! I looking for a similar solutions. Did you find something on other topic/forum ? Best regards, Silviu” Hi. I've sold my Zyxel about a year ago and I've built my custom made server with Intel i3 and 4 GB RAM. I totally recommend this! Now I have a powerful NAS with current OMV, which is far beyond better than regular NASes like Synology or similar. For example, I run virtual machine with Lubuntu directly on my NAS

  • I'm sorry, but I'm not English native. Do you mean "Not really, a VM makes sense" = VM is good solution for me? OR "Not really VM makes sense" = VM is not good in this case? Also, Is this virtual OS behave the same way as bare metal OS? I mean, if I switch off my NAS and then switch it on again and restart my virtual Linux (or whatever), does it remember all the files, settings, etc. inside virtual OS?

  • Quote from raven66: “ So, is this good idea to make virtual machine in OMV, install Ubuntu in this VM and install my program inside Ubuntu inside VM inside OMV? Or is there another bulletproof way to accomplish that? ” That was exactly my question But I'm a noob in VM topics. Is this virtual OS behave the same way as bare metal OS? I mean, if I switch off my NAS and then switch it on again and restart my virtual Linux (or whatever), does it remember all the files, settings, etc. inside virtual O…

  • Yeah, I don't want to install whole new system and then configuring OMV from the scratch...

  • Hi guys. First, I want to thank you for a great product and communicty. I successfully run my custom build NAS for over a year now, without any hassle. But until now, it serves me only as pure NAS. Now, I want to run some program, with which I need to interact in graphical enviroment and this program need to be running 24/7. I've tried to run RemoteDesktop via plugin, and I've succeded - RDP connection works fine. I'm able to view my XFCE enviroment. Sadly, I'm unable to run my program in RDP se…

  • Plex Media Server - error on reinstall

    raven66 - - Plugins


    OK, got it: (Fix) Failed to execute XPath query '//services/plexmediaserver'. Source Code (4 lines)