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error 413 request entity too large nginx plex(update) plugin

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No USB drives detected after apt-get update/upgrade

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what omv user does plex server use ?

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I can't write to to sheard folder's

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I want to play video's on omv os. How ?

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I cant get to web gui

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my reset ui does nothing. Also I axadintly deleted ​plexmediaserver togel in omv-extras.

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15-20 error's after atempting to instal a few plugins

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How to add cliant to urBackup web ? Any one have a link for a tutorial ?

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I get this error every time I make folder, user and group

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can't write with admin login.

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windows10 can't see omv

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cant save time and cant change services on odroid xu4 omv 4

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FTP file transfer speed slower after Plex plugin added

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Odroid H2 with OMV4 : slow transfer speed with SMB or FTP(only10mb/s)

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Noob here: easy way to run nectcloud(plus)-13 on my odroid hc2 with omv3/4

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Build a minipc nas, but which?

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ODROID HC2 OpenMediaVault LED Control

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Odroid C2 After update i loss the device from the network can't get it to work please help

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My Odroid XU4 build

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