Installation on USB - medium crashed, how to reinstall without loosing data

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    • Installation on USB - medium crashed, how to reinstall without loosing data

      Hello everybody,

      I'm new here and I'm glad to be here :)

      I have a problem with my USB - Flashdrive - Installation.
      I've installed version 1.9 and it worked very well. I'm very happy with OMV and I'm using also the extensions with virtual box as well.

      Now I have the problem, that I realized, that the flash - drive with mit OS is inconsistent. I tried to repair, but without result. The system also is working at the moment, but there are several folders and files, which are malformed and so, I can't do upgrade, installation or something else.

      I want to reinstall on a new USB - HDD, but I'm not sure, if the content on the internal drives (2 x RAID 1) will be save. I'm fine with new installation and new setup, if it is necessary. But if there is a way of config - Backup and Restore, this would be great.

      So, may anyone have an idea for my situation?

      thanks a lot.


    • Detach the two drives, reinstall on a new usb stick, install the flashmemory plugin and then reattach your drives. Setup your shares again. There is no way of restoring the config and plugins automatically.

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