Help / Suggestions... Backup Entire OMV disk, and redeploy on ESXi ??

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    • Help / Suggestions... Backup Entire OMV disk, and redeploy on ESXi ??

      My setup is:
      HP Gen8 G2020T - 8Gig Ram - 60Gb SSD (Odd bay) - 2 x 4tB Seagate >>> OMV is installed on the Disk as the OS itself.
      Running a simple stripped ZFS vdev - analog to what Raid0 would be (since I have files sync'ed elsewhere, I felt no need to have raid / zfs redundance for now.) - conveniently named "POOL" :D

      What was I planing to do:

      Install ESXi Host:

      . VM 1 - PfSense for routing /firewall (since server has 2 gigabit LAN ports, one would be WAN, incoming from ISP Modem, the other would be LAN, towards my switch which distributes it across my house.)
      . VM 2 - Reinstall my previously backed up image of OMV (can I do this?)
      . VM 3 - Some other thing which has not occured to me yet, but most likely this VM would be on same local LAN as the OMV.

      What is the best - or perhaps, recommended - way to backup / create .img / .iso from my OMV so redeploying it would be as easy as possible?
      I have like 6 plugins installed which are frequently used, and I'm not fond of re configuring all of them again on a fresh OMV install on a VM.

      Today I'm maxing out my gigabit network transferring files back and forth between my PCs and OMV @ 110MB/s would that be impacted by being on an ESXi VM ??

      Suggestions ? Thoughts ?
    • Yeah, interesting, on what hardware is the new ESxi server going to run and will it have a raid controller?

      Once the ESXi server is running it is no issue to install pfSense, and have different networks, if you use the VMXNet3 for your nics on your VMs they are very fast and would work in a 10Gib network as well. More of a problem would be the OVM conversion, best would be a new install because the zsf is your problem. I use OMV on my ESXi server as a VM with 8GB system disk and a 500GB disk to store backups but I use a hardware raid 10.

      If you plan to do this on new hardware you could consider rsync the data across between the two ovms.

      Hope this helps
      Using OMV with VMware ESXi and Raspberry PI 2