Problems, Problems and more Problems - Strange behaviour

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    • Problems, Problems and more Problems - Strange behaviour

      Hi Guys,

      I need your help, yesterday i was configuring mysql plugin and suddently my OMV had an unexpect behaviour. All the configurations that i mark to apply take a long long time to process, even if i do a simple command like get updates, took forever. I need your help badly, i dont know what can i do, i think on reinstall OMV this but i have a bunch of configurations a will took forever. I was looking in the forum for reinstallation, but the threads that i saw (maybe i find the wrong ones), didn´t advice to do a reinstall when we have Raids installed. It´s a big headache.

      So, i don´t know where to start, event the logging using ssh took a long long time. I´m not an expert, but before i post this thread i try to resolve this issues, but i can´t find anything like this behaviour.

      Can you please give me a hand? Thanks to all in advance.

      I´m using kralizec 1.19 version.

      Best Regards
    • Hello Guys one agains

      Everything is solved now, the problem was with network connections, i have 3 IPS, and the gateway somehow has changed to another ip address.

      Hope not losing your time with my thread, but everything is working know.

      Maybe one little question.

      The upgrade form 1.19 to 2.0 is straightforward or is better to stay on 1.19?

      Thanks to all, that have spend a minute to help me...