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      ich habe OMV erfolgreich eingerichtet, die Freigaben funktionieren, aber ich finde den Server nur, wenn ich per "Computer suchen" und mit der IP Adresse diesen suchen lasse.
      Unter "Arbeitsgruppencomputer" wird er nicht aufgelistet!
      Meine 2 Raspberry Pi's und andere PCs werden dort prima angezeigt.
      OMV läuft auf einem TYAN Serverboard.

      Hat jemand ne Idee?

      geht nicht gibts nicht! :thumbup:
    • also \\Servername\ funktioniert?

      Gleiches Problem hab ich auch, der Server wird einfach nicht in der Netzwerkumgebung angezeigt.

      Hab ich seit Version 1.0 und ich glaube kurz nach dem Neustart wird er einige Zeit angezeigt.
      HP ProLiant N54L | 16 GB RAM | 4x4TB WD Red RAID 5 | ESXi 5.5 | OMV 2.1.x 64 bit
    • Samba is what will make it sow in the Network or Network places depending on what version of Windows you have.
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    • Well I told you the first 2 things I always check, firewall off and then reboot routers/switches. What router do you have?

      I tell you something else too. If your power is erratic it is best to put your routers and switches on a battery backup with surge protection. My old office the power fluctuated a lot and I had terrible networking problems all the time til I put my router/switches on something where the power was stable.
    • Hehe, I know lots of Germans have those fritzboxes but I have no idea how good they are. If you can test with another one somehow that would be good. Are printers and other things showing up no problem on your LAN ???

      Get this app. It is called "fing". It is in apple store and the Google play store. It scans your netowork for devices and then you can click on the devices and then click on scan services. It would tell you if your OMV is showing up on your LAN and what services it sees coming from it.
      It is great APP man.

      I am using Asus routers and they are good. I used to use Linksys but I kept burning up the wireless N chips. All routers should have heatsinks and they don't...
    • The App shows a 3.6.6 Smb server running.
      But again, maybe you have misunderstood me. I can access all my shares at the windows desktop, if i enter \\srv-omv01\ or \\IP-adress\. Samba is 100% running.

      My only problem is, that the Server isnt listed in the Windows Network view.
      HP ProLiant N54L | 16 GB RAM | 4x4TB WD Red RAID 5 | ESXi 5.5 | OMV 2.1.x 64 bit
    • Hi Together, Hallo zusammen,

      just read the problem and i can confirm that they dont show (not always). I asked our IT in our company and they just said: thats windows!
      but it doesnt really bother me anymore, once the networkfolders where established.

      Whats curios: when my AppleTV1.Gen with Crystalbuntu is "online" the OMV Nas shows up together with the ATV in Win Network.