OpenVPN AS client setup on Windows machine

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    • OpenVPN AS client setup on Windows machine

      1) You have to install java on the Windows machine:

      Source Code


      2) You have to use Internet Explorer (Chrome is no longer supporting Java)

      3) Enter this address for the webserver where you can install the clients.

      Source Code

      1. https://ipofyouromv:943

      Click on "show all content at the bottom" of the browser if it shows.

      4) Put in the username and password for the user you would like to login with from your Windows machine.
      Make sure "connect" is in the drop down next to "Go"
      Click on "Go" and follow the prompts to install

      5) If it does not automatically connect you should at least find the client running in the system tray. Right click on the client icon and click on connect. Remember you will likely have to be on another network besides your LAN to test.