Out of memory error and server crashing

    • OMV 1.0
    • Out of memory error and server crashing

      Has anyone had any experience with resolving or understanding out of memory errors. It has been plaguing me for sometime with random system crashes.

      I have 32GB of ram in my machine
      *12GB is reserved for a Windows 8 Virtual Box Machine
      *1.5GB is reserved for a linux Virtual Box Machine.

      It seems that the server crashes anytime I try to sync a movie through Plex

      Is there some setting in plex or in the system that I can adjust to prevent the issue from happening? Can I limit the amount of memory that plex or sabnzb extraction is using. I feel those are the two big one.s

      Screenshot of my system log during crash is attached. Everything below line is before the crash.

      Kind Regards,

      [Blocked Image: http://s28.postimg.org/fxy8c4p0t/omverror.png]
    • Thanks tekkb. Creating bootable flashdrive now for it.

      If the memtest checks out.. I think I have discovered it is a very specific plex problem with syncing to iPad mini remotely. I found an active post on the plex forum where they are churning through this problem.

      Thanks again for the recommendation tekkb. Will post back results.
    • Another word of advice for people reading this in the future.... Somtimes not all usb ports will work with booting a usb drives. The can use different controllers. USB ports are usually in pairs. If one pair does not seem to work make sure you try to boot from some of the other usb ports. I have had times on a motherboard with 4 rear usb ports where 2 would work and 2 would not. Rear ports are usually more reliable than front ports too. They are more likely to be enabled by default in bios too. Just a FYI.