How to change metatags within Calibre-plugin?

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    • How to change metatags within Calibre-plugin?

      I installed the Calibre-Plugin in OMV and it seems to work without problems so far.

      However, I intended to use my normal Calibre-frontend to edit the metatags of my ebooks in OMV-Calibre. But when I try to connect to it (via SMB-share), I get an error-message that the database seems to be broken and it can't be repaired.

      Is it possible to access to it with a normal Calibre-frontend anyway? If not, how can I edit the metatag-database (title, author, tags, descriptrion, etc.)?

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    • Since obviously nobody can help me, here is, what I found out so far.
      First thing is, Calibre sets the ebook-directory to readonly for users, so I changed it recursively to 777. After that I could access the database with my PC-installation of calibre. Unfortunately from time to time occured database-write-errors, since two programs tried to access the database. Perhaps it would help to turn off calibre in omv each time before making changes. However, this is to laborious for me.

      So I will maintain my main-calibre-database on my PC as I did before. And from time to time I copy the wohle ebook-directory (including the two database-files) to OMV: turn off Calibre in OMV, delete the whole content of the OMV-ebook-directory, copy everything and turn Calibre on again.

      So I do not have the most recent version on the server, but I can do changes to the database. If someone finds a better solution, let me know ;)
    • btide wrote:

      Since obviously nobody can help me, here is, what I found out so far.

      You would probably have better luck asking on the calibre forum. I'm not sure how the plugin can help with programs accessing a database that is only designed to be accessed by one program. There is no way to detect that another program is trying to access the database and automatically shutdown the OMV calibre server instance. The permission issue can be changed with the Reset Permissions tab though.
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