OMV on PC with UEFI only / eMMC

    • OMV 2.x

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    • OMV on PC with UEFI only / eMMC


      I'm trying to install OMV on a PC with UEFI bios (without legacy mode) and with a eMMC module as boot drive (Atom based x64)
      All OMV all in one systems seem not to support UEFI, this I couldn't go for this solution. Then I tried to install Jessie (8.2) and the OMV on top of it, but couldn't solve all troubles coming then. OMV runs, but samba not. Jdwnloader seems also to have issues.
      Then I tried Wheezy, but there's no support for eMMC (at least in 7.9)

      Now I'm out of ideas. Is there no possibility to install OMV on a UEFI + eMMC PC?

    • There is no UEFI Version in the moment what i know.
      But you do it by yourself, (Transfer System HDD to GPT, create EFI Partition as FAT32 and install the uefi version of grub on it) like on every other Debian.

      Is there a UEFI version of OMV planned?
      It´s getting to be used more and more.
      OMV 4 Arrakis | Kernel 4.14 ... running on
      SelfBuilt NAS -- Asrock Q1900-ITX -- 4x 2,4 GHz in Burst Mode -- 4 GB DDR3 RAM -- RAID 5 -- 3x 3TB WD Red

    • Is there a UEFI version of OMV planned? It´s getting to be used more and more.

      I'm also wondering if OMV 3 / Jessie will support UEFI boot. My motherboard will only boot headless when it's using the new UEFI boot. For the current (OMV 2.1) release I used the method described on the forums to install Debian 7.9 (supporting UEFI) and then loading OMV on top.
    • I was able to hack together an uefi iso by using Debian files, but my EMMC wasn't detected, still trying to fix that part though.

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      Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz
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      Version: 2.0.7 (Stone burner)