LDAP setup

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Hi Guys.

      i am having trouble configuring the ldap plugin to authenticate to my domain controller.
      if my domain is home.net and if i am using the administrator account...
      what exactly do i need to fill in the fields?
      can some maybe share a screenshotof his ldap configuration on OMV?
      that will help too.

      thanks in advance people
    • Hi

      Depending on you domain controller type (AD, samba 4, OpenLDAP, other) you need to know where is your administrator account in the LDAP tree.

      I just installed an fresh OMV and LDAP plugin to see how it looks.

      Host : put here the ip of your domain controller. Alternatively you may try the DNS name of your controller, or the domain itself (if your name server is properly setup).
      Port : self explanatory, I guess you know what you have to put here
      SSL/TLS : probably disabled in your setup.
      Base DN : dc=home,dc=net
      root bind DN : the Distinguished Name of your administrator account; something like cn=administrator,dc=home,dc=net . I cannot guess it for you, it depends mostly on the type of your domain controller (samba 4, microsoft, OpenLDAP, ...)
      password : the password of your administrator account
      Users suffix : roughtly the "folder" where are your users. Often a Organisational Unit (or OU). It depends on your domain controller.
      group suffix: same s user suffix, for groups.
      Enable PAM : Pluggable Authentication Modules. I'm not expert on this. The plugin should do the magic for you. Enable it to let your LDAP users available as if they were local accounts.
      Extra options : see the documentation of the LDAP plugin. I guess you will not need it for now.
      Extra client options : same as Extra options.

      Do you have something to browse your LDAP directory ? If you're not sure about some fields (root bind dn, users and group suffix) you will need it.
      My wiki : http://howto-it.dethegeek.eu.org

      = latest setup =
      proxmox VE 5 hypervisor back to my good C2D setup
      guests : OpenWRT (VM), OMV 3 (VM), Samba 4 domain controller (LXC)
      OMV alive since 2011 I guess : never crashed, always upgraded : stronger than my hard drives.

      Searching for a P2P online storage solution : must be open source, client side encrypted, quota supprt. Tahoe LAFS is the nearest, but is lacking quota. Would be perfect to build a OMV based, anonymous online storage for backups