Docker - ownCloud - mysql plugin

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Docker - ownCloud - mysql plugin

      Hi all,

      I have played with owncloud in Docker. It works well, but i don't know how can i use a mysql database from my mysql-plugin in openmediavault. On the first time on owncloud i take all parameters (user, databasename, password) in it but i don't have a conection to database from mysqlplugin.
      Eneybody can help me?
      omv 4.0.19 | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 4.1.2 | kernel 4.14
      used plugins: nginx | mysql | docker-gui |rsnapshot | antivirus | apt tool | letsEncrypt |
      used other: netxtcloud | logitechmediaserver | emby

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