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    • Fresh install for a UDOO-Quad


      I have been running Openmediavault on a UDOO-Quad with an SSD drive for a while now. It is a very old version and I had been planning to upgrade.
      From what I have read on the forum it is wiser to do a fresh install than attempt an upgrade.
      Before I had a chance to get to it, the other day the WebUI will not allow me to log in using any of the several UserIDs I had established.
      I can SSH to the unit and do a root login but attempting a WebUI Password reset fails.
      I figure its time to start anew.

      I got my original ISO from the UDOO Forum.
      1. I am not sure what release and what version I need to download.
      2. I would also like to use a 16GB SD card which I will load from my Win 10 PC. Are there any issues with this?.
      3. And once I have the new OS on the SD Card what do I have to do to make use of the existing SSD card. Do I need to reconfigure from scratch or can I save the previous config to be used as a base.

      I did review posts on the forum but wanted to ask before I start my process.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • 0 - If you can login as root, you can reset the web interface admin password with passwd admin
      1 - You need debian wheezy.
      2 - You are going to write the udoo wheezy image to SD on a win10 pc? If so, use win32diskimager
      3 - There is no way to reuse the old config. You can copy the config to look at but uuids will have changed making it unable to be used.

      Make sure to use the flashmemory plugin with your SD card.

      I would clone the old ssd to the new sd card and then upgrade. If it doesn't work, you still have your ssd to try it again.
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    • Follow-up Fresh install

      Thanks for your feedback.
      I have tried two methods to reset the admin password for the WebUI. The passwd admin (which was accepted) and the omv-firstaid which generates the error below when attempted.
      PHP Strict Standards: Static function OMVModuleAbstract::getName() should not b e abstract in /usr/share/php/openmediavault/ on line 36
      I would suppose the later occurs because I am running the older version of OMV.

      After changing the password as you have suggested and attempting a log in to the WebUI it accepts it and then comes right back to the WebUI login (as if it was never entered) No errors are generated.
      So based on this and the very old version I am running I am comfortable starting anew.

      I understand that debian wheezy is the Linux version but I am not at all sure which OMV version to download. I believe it's vs 2.1 but not sure it if its 386, amd or what. As I understand it usually these designations refer to PC CPU sets from intel or amd. Not sure how they apply to the UDOO. And do I get the ISO from Sourceforge or GitHub.

      I used win32diskimager to create all my ISO for RPI and UDOO so no issue there.
      I only use the SSD for storing my music, still booting from the SD card.

      As an aside, while I am a light user of Linux, I do have a lifetime of IT and electronics experience (46 years and counting) so most of my questions will go to resolve my Linux ignorance.

      In any event I really do appreciate your feedback and help.
    • I always recommend using the newest version of OMV. If you use this guide, you don't need to download anything. It installs everything using apt. That said, the actual OMV package is platform independent because it is not a binary. You can tell that by the word _all in the package file name instead of _armhf or _amd64.
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      Please don't PM for support... Too many PMs!
    • Fresh install for a UDOO-Quad

      After much trial and travail I was able to create an new install of OMV vs 1.19. I will eventual get it to the latest release.
      My issue is getting Volumio to connect to the previously created SSD drive on the UDOO_Quad.
      The SSD drive is recognized, mounted and the share available. I can access it from Win 10.
      I get the following error in Volumio when I attempt to connect to the share:
      mount error (13): Permission denied Refer to the mount cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

      I know I conquered this issue in Volumio previously but can't locate the notes on it.
      Any advice on this would be great.
      Thanks in advance.