file transfer issue OMV on IOMEGA Home Media Network

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    • file transfer issue OMV on IOMEGA Home Media Network

      Hello folks,
      since I installed OMV on my NAS, I found out that, no matter how I do it, if I copy from/to the NAS several files, it stucks after 5/7 minutes and I need to completely reboot it.
      SSH stops working as well any other service.
      Only pressing the rear on/off button shuts down the device.
      This happens ONLY when I copy files. How do I troubleshoot this issue?
      Thank you! :?:

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    • I am having the same problem, althoug it's another system configuration (hardware).

      On both of my NAS I try to copy files the network of the NAS just drops after a few seconds. NAS is not rechable via network after that and I can only reboot the NAS.
      I tried it either via FreeFileSync as well as via Explorer / SpeedCommander.

      This error happens on either my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver as well as on a "self-built" Nas with an Asrock mainboard.

      Every other network operation is doing just fine (streaming etc.).

      Any help is appreciated.

    • Hello folks, the issue is getting worse. I do not know myself a way to recreate it and show errors code (if any). Now even during massive torrent download session, it just get stuck. I am quite sick of it, it happens via usb or lan. I suspect it is a hardware problem. I am going to call the death of the nas and try to salvage the disk.