Booting problem on BananaPI [RESOLVED]

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    • OMV 2.x
    • Booting problem on BananaPI [RESOLVED]

      I have problems booting up OMV.

      This is what it shows up (video in HD):

      I am also attaching printscreen of this error.

      Some background about this issue:
      Couple months ago i was trying to install and configure RTC chip for time on OMV. I got stucked somewhere in the middle, I was unable to complete the configuration on my BananaPI. I left everything as it was, RTC chip was also left plugged in. My OMV worked normally (except the time).

      Yesterday I had a problem logging into the OMV with my admin account. Thw password is wrong. OK, this is strange. I was still able to access my NAS normally.
      I restarted (power off-on) my BananaPI and here is where this big problem started that you can also see on the video.
      BananaPI doesn't boot properly, LAN doesn't work, nothing works after restart.

      RTC battery still has 3.1V so it is not dead.

      Any ideas what went wrong? Please help :)
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