Cant create NFS share

    • Cant create NFS share

      Does anybody have an howto guide to create an NFS share? I've been trying for half an hour now but I cant get it to work

      If I try to connect to "nfs://" on my mac (Mountain Lion) I get this error:

      There was a problem connecting to the server “”.
      Check the server name or IP address, and then try again. If you continue to have problems, contact your system administrator.

      Please help me :)
    • Re: Cant create NFS share

      Not saying that I have a success story (I still have issues with NFS) but try connecting to nfs://ipaddress ... when you get the connect as dialog fill in your credentials. This is when my issue pops in... it says I have no permission to connect which isn't true (I doubled checked my permissions for the shared folder). Help appreciated!

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      Permissions for NFS are not only folder based, but also export based. So you can and need to export a NFS share with a specific user or for any user. So the export settings can be the reason here. Just guessing - never used it. Also if you try to connect via root, the connection could be prohibited. This is very generic, I know. But I do not have any NFS mounts in my OMV
      Everything is possible, sometimes it requires Google to find out how.
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