iscsi configuration

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    • iscsi configuration

      I want to create an iscsi target on OMV for a win7 initiator, using a file as backing storage.

      I am at 4.8 and have just installed the iscsi target plugin, and rebooted. I am using RAID 5 with an EXT4 filesystem. All of this hosted in Virtualbox if that matters.

      My problem occurs when I try to do the GUI, Services-->iSCSI Target-->Targets-->Add-->LUN-->Add and then I can not select a device. Does this ONLY refer to a linux block device?

      Is this because only devices can act as storage for OMV? As opposed to using a "file" as the target storage? My only experience with iscsi is with Synology.

      This problem may well be my own ignorance, but any tips or links on this matter would be appreciated.

      Well, as I suspected, in VB, I added another virtual device, and OMV iscsi target config allowed me to select it as I attempted above. Win7 initiator grabbed it and I got it working AFAIK. I still love to see clarification on this file vs device issue.
      More--> does omv implement "file extents"? as per I don't see some fields in OMV that are present in freenas.

      Tks in advance
    • Re: iscsi configuration

      Yes I saw that in this video: I just create the iSCSI target in OMV and use the last part of the video to connect from the initiator and use it as a datastore.
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