Connect existing Shares in Owncloud

    • OMV 1.0

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    • Connect existing Shares in Owncloud

      Hello Communit

      I did Setup the owncloud plugin and I am able to Access the "Default" share in my local Network.
      However I do not understand how I can link my already existing cifs Shares that I use for backup into owncloud. I saw that in the plugin there is a tab "Shares" and I thought that when I enter the Shares and then save the config log out and in into owncloud I will see them but this is not the case. Do I Need to move the whole Share structure underneath the owncloud Directory or is there a way to map the Shares into owncloud. Will a Linux symbolic link do the trick?
      And my other question is what I Need to put into the config.php for the trusted Domain Setting so that I can Access the owncloud from public Internet. Does this Need to be my external dyndns Name ?
      Thanks for a short help
    • Hi mailmonster,

      I connected the samba share in the owncloud configuration via localhost.
      The screenshot shows the configuration of a 'global' share for a dedicated group.

      This setting can be found @ Administration|External Storage.

      Remark: I'm currently not running owncloud on OMV. - Maybe on OMV you need to install smbclient.

      This link might give you additional information: -> SMB/CIFS


    • If you using SMB/CIFS like me, then in OwnCloud settings, look under External Storage, choose 'Local', then input your existing shares path.
      After you did that, but the shares not showing or not let you upload files, then you may need to scan files under OC user:

      1. cd /media/UUID/xxxx/owncloud

      2. sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all
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