How to move system from dying hard drive

    • OMV 1.0

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    • How to move system from dying hard drive

      I have OMV 1.14 installed on an Asus Eee box eb1012p with an external hard drive connected via USB for data storage, which was mounted to /media/{UIUD}. The USB drive is dying, I was able to copy *some* of the data off of it by plugging it into another computer. The MySQL directory, for example, copied over fine but the owncloud.db file did not :(

      Given this, I'm sure I'll have to reinstall Owncloud, but in the meantime I would like to get SAMBA and NFS working again. I've purchased a new USB hard drive. How do I tell OMV, and the services it manages, to look at the new drive instead of the old? Is it as simple as opening config files and find and replacing the old UIUD with the new?
    • Why do you even try to do this via config files? Don´t you have configured it the first time via WebIF? Just mount the new HDD, create a filesystem and a shared folder then choose it in your services / plugins.
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