Cant login to my plex account OMV

    • OMV 2.x
    • Cant login to my plex account OMV

      Hey i just got the OMV up and running on my server.
      I just set up Plex and share folders and so on.

      I got a few questions:
      1: I got plex working, but when i launch it in OMV i cant log in to my account, it just gives me a error that says it cant log me in?
      Error message (Server settings are unavailable because the server could not be reached.)

      2 : Is it possible to share a full Harddisk and not just a folder in OMV, so i can move my old files from 1 HDD to another and how ?

      3: Is it possible to install drivers for a wireless ac card?…11ac-pci-e-adapter-review

      Hope someone can help me thanks :)