Review of NAS Design

    • Review of NAS Design

      I'm planning on creating my first NAS and I would like you to review my thoughts on how to build it.
      My highest priority is data security. I have a lot of stuff that can absolutely not get lost (and also lot of stuff where I'm thinking why do I even bother to keep it ^^).
      Also the price of all should not get too high. On software I would obviously use openmediavault.

      My demand on space in the NAS is about 10-15 TB (for a bit of future-proofness) and I would like to use a Raspi for the server. I know that is not "quite" the best choice but as speed does not count as much I think this is still ok (and this is easily upgradable).

      For HDDs I thought of:
      NAS (JBOD, ext4):
      2 x 4 TB SEAGATE STEB4000200
      + extra HDDs

      Backup (JBOD, ext4):
      2 x 4 TB SEAGATE STEB4000200
      + extra HDDs

      where "extra HDDs" are the HDDs where I store the data currently on (different capacity, manufacturer, etc.) . With JBOD I can add them later to the NAS in order to increase capacity to 10-15 TB, right? I don't want them to be laying around with no actual use.
      For the Backup I would like to "rsync -b" the complete NAS to the Backup drives every two days or so.

      I think JBOD offers me the advantage that if a drive (and the backup) fails I can still recover the data on the other disks. Is my conclusion that this might be the best option for data security?

      Please let me know what you think of this all.

      Best wishes,