USB flash drive

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      until today I ran OF (AKA Openfiler) on a USB-Stick, intentionaly not using a SWAP partition to prevent wearout.

      I have to say: It sucks!
      The Stick died the second time now - clearly related to wearout effects (after the first failure I put the only folder which is frequenlty written - /var - in a seperate partition on the stick. Guess which partition failed now).

      I'm going to switch over to the smallest USB HDD I can find.
      Unfortunately I DO have to use a USB-device since my MB only has 4 SATA Ports - and I don't want to mix the system-drive with the Data RAID.

      ... and at this occasion I switched over to OMV aswell. Hope the support on this project is longer-lasting than OF was ....
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      I've tried this for some time but there is a problem with the USB driver.

      After some time between 2 and 24 hours the system hang. I think it's not linked with a wearout effect but mostly with a powersaving scheme.
      I have this feeling because when I try to maintain activity, the server seems to stay up longer.

      Also, I never had any problem to reboot.
      A friend suggest me to very if the USB module is external or internal with the command "lsmod". I'll do it this evening or this weekend.
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