Create a domain for windows machines

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    • Create a domain for windows machines

      I want to setup a domain that windows machines use to login. So multiple users can login to the same machine and access their own files on there (which are all stored on the OMV server). This is what they do at schools, but usually with windows server. Is it possible with openmediavault and if so, how can i do it?
    • You dont need a Domain to manage multiple users an have them only access their own files. Just create every user under omv and let them use their homedrives.

      But if you still want a domain, where are some issues you have to manage:
      1. What you want is a so called "Active Directory", I would not recommend an older NT4 Domain.
      2. Not all Windows Versions can connect to a domain, the so called "Home Editions" are not able to.
      You can read through the following guides, so maybe you know al little bit more:…rectory_Domain_Controller
    • Hello,

      but has anybody done this on a NAS running OMV, yet?
      It seems to me, that Samba for omv has Version 3.6.6, at least this is, what smbstatus -V returns.
      For an AD Domain Server, Samba V4 is needed?

      I am afraid to mess OMV up by upgrading/changing the Samba installation.

      Regards, Tomte
    • You can install samba4 backport from wheezy, it usually works without problem with omv 2.0, but there is no downgrade path. This means if you have a problem with samba4 that hasn't popped out yet, you cannot fix it but reinstalling

      also the security=user is not changeable in 2.0, and I am not sure if that's needed for domain
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    • ahhh... i can help you with this.

      u don\t need a domain for this. just create users and use the permissions button.

      a domain is just an alternative to IP. Kind of useless for LAN. Useful across internet because it is "cooler" to connect to a server with than be it a webserver, ftp server, or smb server.

      It just a name to replace the numbers because people can't remember numbers. I don't know why... :D Personally I don't see why saying hello John is better than saying hello 345. Sure you may say, well if we give everyone a unique number (UUID) for a name, there would be too many digits... but consider that John is also not unique. I think it would be a fine improvement in that state of things if everyone had a number for a name. :D Also, it would be more universal. I could be number 1... but you can be number 1 too... hell we can all be number 1! Some crazy person may deviate an call their kid 4562.... and a real rebel may really deviate and call their kid 8734573924375... it's all cool by me. However, if someone went crazy and called their kid PI or E, we would have to put our foot down cause we can't have a kid's name be endless, we do need some limits... child abuse and all...

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